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Bayonetta (Wtf did I just play??)
« on: August 28, 2014, 02:54:26 pm »
You read the title, and if you played the game you know what's coming. I'll start by saying this, this game is damn amazing and I would highly recommend playing it. Lets get more in-depth with it shall we?
If your familiar with how I review things, I divide the game in different categories give them each an individual scores to which the final score will average from. So lets start with the simple part.

This game looks freaking gorgeous, textures are amazing and the models themselves are perfect. (looking better then a lot of next gen games on today's consoles!) Though the cutscenes are mildly procedurally generated (for those who don't know what that means, it basically means the wind conditions and effects are not the same every time you see the cutscene) this can be seen as a good and bad thing. Good thing because I only know of maybe on other game that does this and this was out before it so it might just be the first. Bad because well... A lot of ribbons and robs fly around in the air and clip through peoples faces on some parts. (I should note that these kinds of cutscenes only happen some times. They are a gimmicky kind of thing. They're reels of film that stop on a single square and show what's happening on the still frame while wind and what not still happens. )

This is a beautiful game, though the clipping can be a problem some times.


Like with graphics this game sounds god damn great. I mean you will have a hard time not getting some kind of earnest smile when the games main song kicks in. (Which is a remix of an old Frank Sinatra song called Fly Me to the Moon) But don't think that song is a representation of the entire soundtrack. The songs in the sound track range from great to meh. The meh songs just blend into the background some times which in my opinion is worse then being bad. Because if a song is bad you at least hear it and recognise it. If a song is boring and blends it you fade it out, I remember sections where there wasn't music... Until I thought harder and remember oh wait there was.

But on to the next part of sound, voice acting. Top notch performances all around! Which might seem like a lot but when you think that there are only about six or so people who talk in the whole game (Which is not counting the Angels who talk a weird fake Angel language) You have a few standard  AAA list voice actors like Yuri Lowenthal, Grey DeLisle, and an incredibly sleazy Chick Vennera. But I would like to give a nice nod to the main girl herself, Bayonetta played by a... Sensuous Hellena Taylor, who essentially makes the character what she is. If it was anyone else playing her, the character would be nothing more then essentially a sexy doll with a bod voice. But good miss Hellena just gives the perfect voice to match when delivering nice one liners to end a massive fight.

8.5/10 Pretty damn good but bogged down by some forgettable soundtrack.

So this is a hard thing to talk about mainly because well.. The story is head scratching and a little bit dumb, but it makes up for it with a boat load of charm.
You see it starts with fighting Angels in a graveyard disrobing from a rather,  fetishy nun outfit. You learn after the ensuing fight scene that Bayonetta has to kill angels everyday to fulfil her demonic contracts with the many demons a witch has to make them with, or  be dragged to hell. Which is a cool concept in my opinion. But then it just gets confusing when you meet a little girl name Cereza (Who looks like a young Bayonetta) If you do a lot of reading or know certain tropes,  its kind of spelled out for you really... Cereza is Bayonetta from the past I think.

It's hinted that Bayonetta might be her own mother? Or that she might just be seen as her own mother? Or something weird.. Its very head scratching. So the story is not that great really, but as I said the game makes up for this in Charm. The characters are just that, "Characters" I have played a lot of games, especially recent ones where the so called characters are just blank slates for you to put traits on to, and they don't say much. I'm calling you out Gordon Freeman... The characters in Bayonetta have motivations, they have drive, personalities other then "I gotta do this thing to do story for player". Luka is a recurring character who is a ladies man, but is constantly tracking Bayonetta to get her revealed as a Witch so his Fathers death (Whom he blames her for) will be avenged.

Though the Characters aren't perfect, Bayonetta is a bit, overly hyper-sexualised which does impact the pacing when she has to do a "Who can have a sexier dance contest" with a doppelgänger angel. But I don't mind hyper-sexualiased character's as long as its done in an amusing way. Which a lot of the time it does, but some times it does not. Either way this argument is more of personal taste then anything else so, play the game yourself and form your own opinion.

7/10 The story is weird and confusing but you generally get it.

Its a Platinum Game? What else would you expect. If you know about the Platinum Games, then you know what I'm talking about. These guys know combat, this game controls like buttah. The controls are responsive and smooth, the amount of combos/weapons/magic/whatever in this game will make the options for fighting back the hordes of heaven. A cool mechanic of this game is that you have a weapon on each limb and you can choose what weapon goes where, with a top weapon and a bottom weapon. It gets more complex where in mid combat you can switch between two weapon sets you create. To add even more depth to it there are costumes that go with certain weapons, and depending where the weapon is (top or bottom) it changes the costume. (Depending on teh weapon, I mean there is a weapon called Odette which is a pair of Ice Skates that use ice magic. It has an ice skater costume, and you can't equip the weapon on top because well... Skates don't go on your hands.)

The sheer amount of stuff in this game for combat in the game is overwhelming, and your going to need it. This brings me to the thing about this game's gameplay that some people might not like... Its difficulty, HOOOOOOOLEEEEEEEEESHEEEEEIT this game gets hard and fast. The first mission I was happy because I played Platinum games before (And also a lot of character action) so I got a gold ranking and a currency bonus. After that in mission two I got a silver. (still happy but meh) then for the rest of the game I got essentially the participation medal, Stone. Which is below bronze, this game is hard and unforgiving. But it does have a great save system. I learned this in the last level.

By the way SCREW THE LAST LEVEL. Well it isn't like the last last level, its just you getting to the last boss. You have to fight EVERY BOSS YOU FOUGHT BEFORE IN THE GAME. Now I felt triumphant when I did it, but it took a while.

Lets talk about a good part about this game again, the boss and enemy design. Its great, they show that maybe demons look like demons is not because they were changed by dark magic, but because they looked like that as Angels. The more you attack a part of a larger enemy the more that part breaks open revealing a gruesome and disturbing underneath. There is also that one tentacle monster.. (Don't worry, its made fun of for the reason you think. The line "Why'd it have to be tentacles" comes from Bayonetta. Which was followed by a girlish giggle from me.)

Oddly enough this games belief for the worlds of Heaven and Hell come from Dante's Divine comedy which is odd. Considering how sexual it can be. But I digress.

One of the key parts of the game is the dodge system, in order to do well combat you have to dodge the enemies attacks right before it hits, then you go into "Witch Time" meaning time slows down and you get to move faster. This is good, but when the enemies are so disfigured that when they so much as move slightly you spam the dodge button you can ruin the flow of combat. Kinda sucks when you don't know if the enemy is going to attack or its just hailing a taxi.

9.5/10 (I don't care how much the dodge system can be harmed by the enemies... This game just plays well.)

End Game Content and Replay Value
This game is a character action game, so ( as I've seen with others of the same genre) it has a lot of value. I played through the game and explored everywhere and still don't have all the weapons. There are many different difficulties to unlock and playthrough for new bonuses and costumes, and once you beat the game on normal you unlock the true costume feature, where you get an item that holds magic bullets. Each bullet changes your outfit (Giving you a kimono for free with it) and with each costume there are three variations of it in colour. You can then buy the other costumes for a rather high price. Then you have the weapon skins, which when you buy a new weapon it automatically unlocks (there are three to buy but I only have two). Then you have bonus missions, unlockable characters to play as, new skills and abilities, rare items, etc. So you will generally be playing this game for a while.


One last thing...
Okay, okay, this might be cheap of me but I don't care. Its my review! When you beat the game, after you throw God in the sun and then cut her (Yup God is a women in this) into to small stone pieces so she hitting the earth doesn't destroy the planet. Skip ahead after that amazing scene you have the credits... You think its over? No, when the credits are over (which at some points you actually have to fight enemies in the end credits) Bayonetta shows up one more time... For an almost 4 minute dance video including angels, the other witch, her daughter, everything. It is the most mesmerising thing in the game, ending it on a perfect note just on the fact that it was so out of the blue.


So all in all, play this game... Its amazing, though I would highly recommend not playing it with your parents in the room.

Its a fun fast paced game with a lot of play value and the final score is great

Just play this game!