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Which spoof film would be your favourite one?

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Ceddo Canidae:
Hi there! Well I thought which topic (I can 'talk' about) wouldn't already exist here, so I checked a few ideas and hit this one.  :fox-:): I guess it's prettey self-explanatory, but just to be sure:   :fox-;):
I am curious which parody film you have seen until now would be your (absolutely) favourite one. And if you want to, you can tell what the movie is about and why it is your favourite.

I guess I should start first: My favourite parody film (at least till now) would be..Vampires Suck.
I consider this movie to be hilarious! At least in relation to the movie-saga it's based on.  :fox-;): In fact I couldn't stop laughing when I watched it.  :lol-fox:
The storyline doesn't change that much and it's clear that it targeted the Twilight-Saga but there is one major difference - it's better! Not just better. In my opinion this one film managed to be a houndred times cooler and a million times funnier than the five-movie-series.  :fox-:P:
I didn't intend to offend somebody who actually likes the Twilight-Saga but in my opinion the (maybe well) written stories got mutilated by its displayed version in all kinds of respects..

But now it's your turn! I'm looking forward to all sorts of interisting and maybe funny replies and views on this topic.  :D
(And if I was wrong and such topic already exists please be assured that I didn't know it better and that I'm sorry for this happening.)

Scary Movie :D

the starving games!

The starving games, vampires suck and all the scary movies! :lol-fox:

"That thing you do" is a great spoof about a one-hit wonder band rising to fame. It has such lovable characters and some fun music too.


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