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Video Game High School (Series Review)
« on: October 29, 2014, 11:16:26 pm »
If I have to give you ONE good reason of why Video Game High School is one of the best drama/comedies out there, it has to be the Characters.

Yeah this is every nerd boys fantasy, to go to a school specifically designed for gaming, but if you're like me, then watching the perfect characters live this life is just enough. Character progression is a big thing here, as we watch our characters evolve into something we may have never thought of.

Warning, spoilers ahead.

Our four main characters are Brian D, Jenny Matrix, Ki Swan, and Ted Wong. These characters have a connection between each other in one way or another. Now to the character progression.

Ki Swan is this honest, very caring floor r.a. who only wants to help and do her homework. But later on in the series she figures out how meaningless life really is and that there is no point.

Jenny Matrix emits this tomboy-esque vibe as she is the Top Dog of the Junior Varsity FPS team, but then Brian soon realizes how she is actually a girly girl at heart, discovering her passion for Unicorns and Opera.

Ted Wong is that guy you want around when you are not feeling so happy, because he is so up-beat and energetic about everything, it makes you feel even a little good. But that boy crumbles apart, after his dad, Freddy Wong, dies in a motorcycle accident. He realizes that he needs to grow up and makes sure the others know it.

And finally, Brian D. His character had a lot of progression, but I feel like it will be missed unless you're paying attention to this specific aspect. Brian comes into VGHS as a noob, or an underdog. He is shy and very vulnerable. But you can slowly watch as he changes his attitude, one thats more outgoing or blunt in some cases, but really he doesn't change a whole lot. Brian is more of a character someone can project themselves on, so they feel as if they're attending VGHS and living his life.

Honestly, Video Game High School is a series absolutely worth watching. With killer story arcs and heartbreaking moments, to a very lucky and intense finale, VGHS is a school you might want to check out.
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