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Destiny Review
« on: November 01, 2014, 02:53:44 pm »
So this is my review of the current state of Destiny, I may do a review on the House of Wolves and Dark Below DLC packs but I've yet to even play them. This review is based off of 200 hours of playtime, 3 high level characters and everything done including the Vault of Glass. A few side notes include I have a astro A40 and a Scuf One controller so the controls , sound and mic quality may differ for you.

Bungie' biggest project yet costing a massive $500 million and I'm here to tell you "was it spent well?" And the answer is *shrugs shoulders* I'm afraid that's it. You see the game has this unstable balance of "wow" and "are you kidding me? But I'll explain why at the so lets start it off.


Okay destiny gets a massive 11/10 for me in this factor, it's the only game so far that's running in a true 1080p that we were promised for next gen. For those who don't know most games are 720p up scaled to something like 980/920p and it shows how beautiful this game truly is, the lighting and particle effects are stunning with it's class of bight and vivid colours which paint a remarkable picture of the utter beauty of the game.


Destiny is a FPS and a RPG NOT a MMO so thus there is a lot of shooting involved and this is where destiny excels and then stops short. You see there a mix of guns in the game and all have different classes namely the following:
Hand cannons: standard revolvers though some can be more than just 6 shooters, some carry 3 rounds and I've got one that carries 9
Auto rifles: the bread and butter of weapons, in short they are assault rifles so I doubt I have to say more
Pulse rifles: 3 round burst, bullpup configured weapons, not much different than auto rifles
Scout rifles: semi-automatic rifles, for those who prefer 1 shot high damage dealing weapons.

There are more guns but they are in sub categories, now what's different is that there are 3 weapons you can carry, a standard, a special and a heavy so lets take a look at my current Titan loadout.

Standard weapon: SUROS REGIME, Exotic, slow firing but hard hitting auto rifle
Special: AMINA-E7, void damage sniper, rare
Heavy: PRESTIGE 4, legendary LMG, highest rpm in the game

Now here are my main flaws, first all weapons of that type have the same reload THE SAME RELOAD. Your telling me this completely different looking pulse rifle has the same reload as the common one? What about the exotic guns? They have the same? Wow lazy. Also some gun types are useless, scout rifles and Pulse rifles suck currently.


I'm afraid this part is gonna be short, so you are a Guardian who has been brought back from the dead to fight the Darkness, a evil group of alien races (why are aliens always evil?) who want the traveler. You must venture out to the reaches of space and push back the darkness. The story is boring and repetitive with your little Ghost companion (who I call Dinklebot) will usually have to unlock a door and the door will magically unlock the moment you kill all the enemies, no epic down-to-the-wire getting shot at escapes just slaughter all these minions. The story lasts maybe 4-6 hours at best but I couldn't care since I was just grinding through it.

The raid(s)

Destiny stated it would have raids but it instead has one called the vault of glass and my god, it's fun and so challenging, you NEED a team of 6 high level Guardians just to do it. It's fun and the gear you get is well worth it.


Well first thing is the boring story and repetitive moments. Now acquiring high level gear is hard, why? Because it's a Random number generator which means you 75% of the time won't see legendary/exotic items unless you do high level stuff so that's a massive issue. There's also stuff like Iron Banner wasn't working or glitch spots but they are fixing them.


It's a 7/10 for me, I still have loads of fun in a Xbox party while doing strikes and I had sooooooo much fun doing the Vault of Glass and seeing my exotic weapon found notification pop up was enough to make me laugh as I hear my friends shout about them getting barely anything worth while, destiny has to be played this way with your mates having a laugh while you it.

Feedback is welcome and so is questions about the game.

Next review: Whatever I afford this month, damn you November and all the good games coming out soon.
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Re: Destiny Review
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2014, 04:14:16 pm »
Honestly, I kinda agree with a good deal of this review. Destiny is a fantastic game for those that are touching it for the first time, but i gotta say, after grinding through it, it gets massively repetitive. I really feel that they should have pumped more story into this game, and done a bit more with the gameplay as a whole. I call for a story revamp, some changes in weapon balancing (Im sick of getting bodied by shingen-e's every five seconds in the crucible) that makes weapons more unique in terms of form and function, and some PvP tweaks. Granted, Bungie is working hard as sin to make tweaks. But i gotta run.
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Re: Destiny Review
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2015, 08:25:12 pm »
The only thing I have to say about this game is its a organized mess.