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DTI Project supposed to get feedback
« on: February 25, 2015, 01:29:48 am »
So for DTI we had to write a brief for an ebook that were gonna make. As it turns out I'm supposed to be getting peoples feedback for the brief. I've included a link to my document on google drive with permisions to comment. Basically all I need anyone willing to help to do is to comment about what you think about the topic that I'm writing about, I have a list of chapters for my ebook so like comment about whay you think about each chapter and what you think a better chapter could be instead of one there, things like that for the whole docuement. Also for the thing about chapters. I'm thinking of removing the chapter about Beginning of supersonic travel just don't know what to replace it with. Suggestions? Good idea? Bad idea? Thoughts? So for those willing to help a fellow fur with his work here's a link:
It has permissions to edit and I would appreciate it if you didn't change anything already there. If you want to give opinions, comments, ideas, suggestions, and just general feedback I would like it to be written at the bottom of the document under my SWOT anaylsis. And please when you do, do it so that I can see what individual people have written. Thanks to anyone willing to take the time to help me.