Author Topic: Furnal Equinox Happened... [personal con report]  (Read 657 times)

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Furnal Equinox Happened... [personal con report]
« on: March 15, 2015, 11:17:41 pm »
I thought i would post a thread of my con experience at Furnal Equinox with photos and small quips from here and there that happened.

First here's a cute fursuit pic

Yes i probably hugged that suiter multiple times over the weekend. its so cute asfasdasdasfasdfasdf

Now that ive probably got your attention, on to the boring stuff!

This is all the swag i got from the con. Its not a lot, and its not all there (Missing a custom yarn tail i commissioned, a past t-shirt i got for free by doing a handstand, a badge commission that was not completed, and a tim Hortons roll up the rim stub i got when helping out reg desk on friday morning. I still have yet to win Roll up the rim...) but its more than enough for me. BTW, the stuff in the envelope are previous year conbooks + a previous year t-shirt

Now i'd like to direct your attention to the fact that my attendee badge which happens to say minor. Unlike almost everyone i talked with this weekend i was a minor (but so close, being 17 sucks). This caused a lot of fun conversations like the following:
A: So i need you to help out with the art show, and moving things to the silent auction [note, art show is 18+]
Me: Um... *shows minor badge*
A: Oh right....

It also caused this funny thought to pop in my mind when volunteering.
A: So now minors can't bid on this next item
Me thinking: *scans room* Ok, so basically i'm the only one who can't bid on that item... Could have just been more direct >.>

Now onto people i met. Surprisingly, i met quite a bunch of people i knew already. If my count was correct, i met 3 people who were on FT at some point. Higher number than i expected, but actually managed to prove as a fun common point to start talking. I also spoke with a few people i didn't know and that was actually really interesting and fun. And then there are the artists

Nicole is probably one of my favorite artists, and was also the person who did the badge comission for me. I was considering to get more, but she already had a huge backlog of take home commissions. Probably not as bad as Anarye though, cause she had 21 commissions four hours into the convention. I also got a tail commission from someone, but i didn't get a photo of them. The fun part was that she actually started a conversation with me cause i was wearing my League of Legends lanyard, and she had a fursona designed based of Jinx. She's a really friendly person (and laughs alot at CAH).

Here are some fursuiter photos, cause i know this is what you guys really want to see.

I did not expect someone to do dust cosplay/fursuit with a dust costume.

Note above is not a group photo, there were way more suiters than that

I should mention, if you look at the second image in this thread (swag image), the second business card is the business card for the guy in the suit. He's actually going to be selling a LED paw shaped light thing that has different light patterns and is really flashy. He's eating it in the image. Its pretty cool, and i suggest you check out their website . Yes i know im shamelessly plugging them, but hey, they are cool.

This guy is the con chair. He was in suit, so i snapped a picture with him. There was also a story that he apparently stripped at the opening ceremonies. I seriously need to know what happened at that (i didn't go to opening ceremonies)

On top of all of this, there was a masquerade (misc talents in a competition), dance competition, and dances at night. Here's a sample from all of them except for the dances (helping AV, no time to photo)

Other than that, i think i covered most of the bases for my experience at the con. Here are a few more quips of things that happened
- Fursuiter tag #069 sold for exactly $69 dollars at the auction
- a cheap bic pen was sold for $23 dollars because the auctioneer bit on it...
- There were cheers at any silent auction bid at 64 (theme was furry arcade), 69 or 420. We are all alike...
- the most common thing i said was "I don't know, i'm just covering the guy who was supposed to be back [] min ago". Second was "the ceiling". You can figure out what question people were asking me.
- Lots of Magic:The Gathering, especially when you figured out who played.
- Jason Afex and Kaiber were surprisingly there, not dealing, but just there attending
- Best line from closing ceremonies "And when you guys cheered for being enslaved into gummy bears... *shakes head* seriously guys? *sigh* That was a terrible plot point anyway"
- Most common volunteer job i did was door guard duty. Second most common was being a coffee slave.
- 0 people noticed i was a minor until i pointed it out.
- There was in total $9000 raised for the charity this year (based on silent auction and other things). One guy DURING CLOSING CEREMONIES ran up to the chair and gave the chair a dollar to push it over $9000. (yes ITS OVER 9000)
I dont think im forgetting anything
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Re: Furnal Equinox Happened... [personal con report]
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2015, 08:51:06 pm »
Furnal Equinox looks like it was a lot of fun! I hope I can go next year. That first fursuit is adorable <3 and it looks like you got a lot of cool stuff :fox-:): im glad you had a good time :fox-:):
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