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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review
« on: April 08, 2015, 12:03:56 pm »
I think after spending about 100 surplus hours playing this game, its about time I make a review about it.

Monster Hunter is an RPG where you take the roll of a hunter (a character you can create), and basically you go around doing quests that people give you. Quests range from gathering ingredients, searching for materials, and hunting small to large monsters.
It features no leveling-system for your character meaning if you started as a lance user, you can switch to a sword and shield with no downgrades to your stats.

Now on to the review
MH4U does a great job with making the series accessible to new players, and offers a nice set of weapons that you can use in the beginning.
With a whopping 3.9GBs this game is chock-ful of quests that can keep you entertained for hours.
And for the first time ever it features online play with people outside of your friendlist.

One of the few "bad" things I can say about this game is that you will occasionally have to redo quests to gather material to make new sets of armor.

But hands down Capcom improves on a game, and makes it go from awesome to magnificent.

I would rate this a 9.0/10 
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