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A Tale of College
« on: May 13, 2015, 01:38:02 am »
Okay, if you decide to read this, don't look at it as good advice, or the only true depiction of college, it is only my experiences that I want to share for anyone considering it.

In my now 5 years going to a public university, Missouri State University to be specific, I've experienced a good handful of things that college has to offer. When I first came to my school, I joined the marching band. This is where I received my first reality check. I played snare drum in High School, but when I got to the tryouts for the percussion section I learned that I was at a vastly lower skill level than the other people there. This led to me being placed in an unknown situation and section. A couple weeks into the semester, I also chose to pledge to a Fraternity. This led to my first two conflicts that I still struggle with, time management and dedication. Through the first semester, my grades slipped and I was surprised, but I was having fun so who cares? In the next semesters, I left band and struggled with school. I enjoyed the dorm living, and had a great roommate. We went to classes, I failed some, he failed some, and we tried to juggle school and fun. Fast forward to me finding my true passion of audio engineering. Got a great advisor, started taking classes with a fantastic teacher, and was loving it, all the while ignoring the voice in the back of my mind. More failure, great teachers, and crap ones. I did what I could, even through losing my father and having a kid. During this time I really started questioning the purpose of me being in school. I work in a technical field, where no one gives a crap if you have done school, it's all dependent on your work. I then lost my financial aid and after a struggle, got it back. The next semester was my worst, I failed all my classes. Then we get to this semester and I've lost my aid again, well near the end of the semester, I learn that I'm not getting it back and I've failed another class after putting effort into doing better in classes. So herein begins my break.

So am I a dropout? Technically, I guess. But I feel like I've been given an opportunity. I'm not claiming to be enlightened through failure or any BS like that, but I do claim to have a little experience in the subject.

For those of you guys, gals, nonbinaries, and every other identity I missed, I'm not going to tell you not to do college. What I am going to tell you is to think about why you want to do college. College is expensive, yes. But for someone who truly wants to be there and puts their heart into it, it can be worth every single cent.  But for those of you who may not want to go to college, don't let that stop you from striving to be amazing! Some of the world's big names either never went to, or never finished secondary education. You are still amazing! You are not stupid for not going to college. You are just as brave as those that do decide to go!

Finally, let's talk about those of you that do decide to go. Let's say you get to the end of a semester and you've failed a class. You are okay! You are not a failure. College is really fucking hard, and you are no less amazing and intelligent just because that letter is lower than their arbitrary definition of "good." If you have to take a semester, or year, or who knows how long off as a break, that is okay!

I'm not against school systems, as my experience stems from the U.S. system. But I am against what this school system does to its students. I believe in each and every one of you. You all can do amazing things with or without college. Just make sure you are doing it for your reasons, and not just because someone else is telling you that you should.

You are all amazing.

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Re: A Tale of College
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2015, 07:00:27 pm »
You've hit the nail on the head for a lot of college students.

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Re: A Tale of College
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2015, 07:04:30 pm »
This was very motivational, thanks.

Edit: Not sure what it motivated me to do, but I'm less worried about getting into uni now (my parents tend to make very... sceptical remarks when I bring up that subject).
I'm thinking now that it is not the making or breaking of your life & if you don't do as well as you hoped then there are plenty more options.
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Re: A Tale of College
« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2015, 07:58:30 pm »
Thank you for this :fox-:): It's nice to hear another perspective than "you have to go to college to get anywhere in life" definitely refreshing to hear and very helpful
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