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Destiny's most recent expansion, House of Wolves
« on: May 19, 2015, 10:28:29 pm »
I'm going to start off by saying although I have a level 32 (fairly high level) character in the game, Destiny is not the greatest game in the world. The story for both the vanilla game and the first expansion (Dark Below) are rather pathetic. The raids are what got me hooked along with other endgame content. With that being said, House of Wolves manages to breathe lots of new life into what was becoming a stale gaming experience. HoW added nearly double the story missions Dark Below had, as well as added new endgame content for both PvP and PvE enthusiasts. Most of this I will copy and paste from my post on a different forum, and it will be lengthy, just a heads up.

Alright, so I just played through all the story missions and the Prison of Elders twice, and I have to say, I'm truly impressed by what I experienced. I'll give a rundown of stuff that was awesome.

Yes, we actually get character development regarding Petra and Variks, two new NPCs. Petra has a kinda cocky, slightly comedic vibe to her personality while Variks is kinda like your insider. He is essentially the Oracle to your Batman, in a sense, but humorous at times on occasion. During the story missions you get complete conversations between these new characters, and it really brings the game to life like Dark Below didn't. Prior to these two, nobody had any character develoemt like this.

This may not appeal to all, but these missions were intense and you might want at least one person for backup. Even I was tempted to call for backup during this.

These missions are just amazing regarding the content they include. There are new enemies you encounter, lots of scorch cannons being dropped by captains, and the story is actually quite nice. We got 6 well written missions as opposed to three kinda alright writen ones and one about an urn.

The story content here is far beyond what is in the current storyline as well as Dark Below. Skolas is rather impressive in terms as an antagonist, as he is quite intelligent and has some crazy schemes. I won't say much, but...The Vault of Glass. That is all.

Seriously, that sidearm you get is amazing. I ended up using it more than Fatebringer in some cases...that NEVER happens.

I ran through this at level 28 with matchmaking and completed it, even at level 28 that thing is more intense than Crota's End (a very pathetically easy raid, one that was often solo'd) ever was. The loot at the end is truly a sight to see, as you see riches lining every part of the room. At the end are 3 chests, two fallen chests and one larger one. Both of the smaller chests include stuff like engrams, strange coins, motes and such while the larger chest contains the huge amounts of glimmer, Queen themed weapons, and a chance at exotics. Someone pulled a Dragon's Breath (exotic weapon) out of the 28 one, this chest is insane. You need a treasure key to open it up though. I also ran the 32, but me and my brother cannot two man the Cabal boss with all the enemies everywhere. I believe you get a key for completing the 32, 34, and 35 versions of it.

I did not get to experience the new crucible changes nor the new strike, but so far the House of Wolves gets a solid 8 out of 10. I've not given it the highest possible score as I cannot judge something completely without having experienced all of the content. House of Wolves breathes lots of new life into a game that admittingly, was beginning to run stale.
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