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Mod edit:
I've stickied this thread due to popularity

This thread is for anyone to post their adopts, weathers it's to sell/trade/give away for free. To discuss adopts or show off your adopts please visit this thread instead

Please make sure to read the entire post the adopt you want is in before requesting, not everything here is free and some come with certain terms/conditions. Please do not ask for adopts people are selling for free, such posts will be deleted

Please save your adopts file. Adopted characters (and all posts discussing their adoption) will be deleted 2 weeks after being claimed

UPDATE: This thread is now for anyone who wants to post adoptables ^^

I decided to take a little break from studying and cleaning my room to color these. x3

(*The line art is by the artist Velyra c:)

I know they're pretty messy butttt....not really taking them too seriously. They're just something for a little fun and practice with character design. They're open for whoever wants them! :3

-Also, although these are fennec bases, the species and/or gender is completely open. ^^ Hope you like em!

Faithfull Von'Haselhain:
Jyק ฬคภt t๏ รєє ๓๏гє Eש๏lשє๔ Nyคг  Nyคгร, ร๏ Jyק ๓ค๔є モєฬ ค๔๏קtค๒lєร!


--- Quote from: BTS on November 08, 2015, 02:27:10 pm ---I'm selling some of my old adopts, located here!
There are two free ones if anyone is interested!

--- End quote ---
That demon, he is so precious! I've been looking for demon character and I love his colors. I don't have the money though ;A; if I sell something today and he's not gone I'm definitely gonna grab that boy.

Since I didn't realize I could post for sale adopts too(and totally forgot to yesterday) I'll just stick this here, anything there is for sale. I'm willing to go lower on the dachshund and the two minibits since I just want them to go to a good home, I'm also willing to trade them too. Note that minibits are my own closed species, but I do not require a closed species in return for them^^
Sorry if the prices are kinda high.

Aww man some these designs are so cute! I just don't know what I'd do with them >.<


Just thought I'd let you guys know that I have some kitties for sale only $5! Much cheaper than I prefer but they don't sell at all otherwise, although all three are still open^^'
Also opinions on their designs would be great like criticism. Idk I feel the third one is too simple but people seem to like really simple anthros for some reason anyway so....

May make a couple freebie designs on this base later for those who can't buy them.

I was bored so I made some bunnies on Bunny Maker. (: They're free for whoever wants one!



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