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The Travler
« on: February 06, 2005, 12:20:53 am »
Here's the progect that i did for my latin class.  The class was required to create their own constilation and a story behind it.  It has been scanned in 4 parts, put back together, adn then shrunk.

The Traveler

once, there was a small town by the sea, Orcha.  In this town, lived a young man, Adolphus, who desired t osee the world.  So, one day, he packed a small sack, of food, a bedroll, and an iron dirk.  Setting out, he began to travel the country side.  Passing local farms, he moves above the sea.  He can see for meny miles, and, as he is about to cross a ridge, he looks back one last time at his homeland.  Turning back to the path, he takes a setp, and starts his journy.  Traveling meny miles and days, he passes through feile, forest, and town.
Misfourtune befalls him and he soon loses his pack.  In searching for it, he falls and breaks his leg.  Lying in the dirt and mud, he prays to the gods to help him escape his misfourtans.  As he lies there, sleep claims him, and in his sleep, grey eyed Athena answers his prayer.  In a dream, she comes to him in the form of an owl.  She says, "Adolphus, take this cloak on your journy.  It is enchanted to protect a weary traveler such as yourself.  But take heed.  Sould you prove to be of little heart to fellow travelers, it will inflict hurt apon you."  taking her warning and the cloak, he awakes, under the branches of a tree, wraped in the green cloak, unhurt.  Thankful for his gift, he raises and takes to the road again.
Some time later, he nears a larger city.  Carts and other travelers are more numorous, and less courteous.  As he walks the road, a cart races up behind him and nearly runs him over.  Adolphus jumps out of the way, and calls insults after the cart and driver.  He continues on, his mood sour.  As he passes the feilds around the city, he spies the cart that had passed him earlier.  It has run off the road.  As he passes, the driver calls out to him, "Traveler!  I beg your assistance in pulling my cart from the ditch.  I must get to the city to sell my wears."
Adolphus calls back, "Nay, you are so quick to push other out of the way, i see no reason to push you back on yours."
As he speaks, he feels a dull pain in his leg.  Ignoring it, he continues on his way.  Entering the city, it is crowded and noisy.  he stops to browse the wears.  Later that day, he passes the stall of the cart driver.  Eyeing th fruit, he feels the pangs of hunger.  Having no money, ne notices thatthe shopkeeper is watching him.  A sharp tougue sends adolphus on his way, but not far.  Feelsing his hunger grow, Adolphus waits for another costomer to distract the cart driver, and takes some fruit.  As he hurries away, his leg pains him more.  And, even as he eats the fruit, his leg begins to throb.  Suddenly rembering Athenas warning, he quickly makes his way back to the cart driver's stall.  But the market day is through, and he has left.  Leaving the fruit there, he walks away, back to the road, with a slight limp.
Continueing his travels, he comes to a town on the edge of a forest.  There, he is warned of a strange power in the woods, and none dare enter far into them, or wish to stay long under the branches.  takeing no heed of the warnings, Adolphus enters the woods.  He soon runs into misfourtane.  As he passes through the trees, a storm blows up.  Seeking shelter, her runs into a sacred grove of trees, home to a sprite.  Pulling his cloak over himself, he drifts to sleep.  The sprite dances unseen around Adolphus, filling the woods around with sounds of singing animals and tuneful wind, music to the sprites ears.  Waking, Adolphus jumps to his feet andshouts, "Beasts and fowl wind begone!  I only desire sleep this night, and will soon be on my way."  Adolphus sits back down as the noise abruptly stops, and is soon sleeping again.  Taking offence to Adolphus for his ill taste in music, the sprite curses him, forever to look as the 'foul beasts' he so hates.
Water drips from a leaf onto Adolphus's face, waking him.  Rubbing sleep from his eyes, he feels changed.  Opening his eyes, he sees first his hands.  They are covered in furm as is the rest of him.  With a shout of terrror, he jumps to his feet and runs from the woods.  Dashing to the river he prays that the gods change him back, but his pleas go unheard.  Getting used to his new bdy, Adolphus takes to the road.  Passing a fellow traveler, he raises a hand in greeting.  The traveler, fearing the wolf-man, turns nad runs from him.  Dismayed, Adolphus travles on passing other single travelers, with much the same result.
On the sixth day since he was changed, he comes across an over turned wagon.  Noting that there might be bandits on the roads, he stays wery.  That evening, as he is looking for a place not far from the road to camp, he comes across some bandits, who had probably attacked the wagon.  With them is a young lady, the only one left of those she was traveling with.  Rembering Athenat's warning, for his leg still pained him, and thinking that this may be another test, he plots to free his fellow traveler.  Moving into the woods, he fashions spears from dead branches, and returns to the camp.  With a shout, he throws the first spear at one of the three bandits.  It strikes him squarly in the chest and he falls dead.  The other tow leap up with a shout, grabing their swords to avenge their fallen comrade.  Before they reach Adolphus, he looses another spear, and it strikes a second bandit in the sholder.  The third bandit reaches Adolphus and swings his sword at Adolphues's head.  Ducking the blow, he thrusts a spear though the belly of his atacker, who falls dead.  Stepping into the bandit's camp, he takes aim with his last spear and throws it inothe last bandit.
Untying the young lady, she is most greatful.  "oh thank you for saving me my furry travler.  I am Lavonnel, and in your debt."  Adolphus in turn thanks her, for the pain in his leg has faded a little, but not compleatly.  Theysleep in the bandits camp that night, and in the mornning, Lavonnel gives Adolphus a staff od oak, strong and unyeilding.  "Take this in oyur travels, and know that you may always find freinds along your road."  They part way,s and adolphus travels on.
In a range of tall and treacherous moutains, Adolphus encounters a group of travelers.  They drive him away and he must pick a second road, climbing the dangerous moutain path.  From that hight, he parelles the group of travelers, and can see the dangers of the path ahead.  Around a corner, the path drops sharply, into a ravine.  Seeing the caravans peril, he scrambles down the side of hte moutain, shouting a warning.  As rocks shift below him, he trips and falls down the side of hte moutain and into the very revine he was warning th etravelers of, saving them.
And since then, he has helped travelers, keeping them safe from harm, and leading them, always pointing north.
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