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The Beast and the Boy review.
« on: July 21, 2015, 03:39:27 am »
From the creators of Summer Wars, [I'm probably going to say the name of his movies wrong but let me try anyway. Wolf's children, the girl that let through time.]  Mamoru Hosoda, brings you The Beast and the boy.
[Unofficial summary, I did go see the movie however, I can't speak the language so well. Meaning some thing I say maybe off.] The movie is about a run away child in Shibuya, who ends up meeting Kumatetsu an anthro morphic bear and his anthromorphic monkey friend. Kumatetsu and his friend were talking about finding Kumatetsu a pupil or student. Kumatetsu was one of the people who was next in line to lead an anthromorphic town. To officially become leader he must win a fight against his rival, who was just as strong as Kumatetsu.
 Kumatetsu tells the boy that he should become his pupil, but his friend tells him to stop screwing around and that they should go home. The boy follows Kumatetsu through a portal thing into their town. Upon getting there, one of Kumatetsu's friends find him and tell him that he will return him home. Kumatetsu who didn't know he was followed tells him that he's his student. I guess I should leave it at that and not spoil the movie.

 Rating 8/10.
 Gorgeous background.
 The main characters are well developed.
 Furries everywhere!
 ONE epic fight.
 Good movie overall.
 I would guess 5 to ten plot holes.
 Jackie Chan styled training.
 The movie feels too short, there's a long amount of time before they end training.
 Sucky magic. [The magic was beautiful, but basically one person used offensive magic.]
 The villain went from Naruto to Loki\Sasuke in ten minutes.
 The end felt like a joke. Eight years of training, for no reason. The final fight sucked. The fight before the final fight was really good. Litterally edge of the seat good.
 Overall not enough fighting.
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