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School Advice
« on: August 19, 2015, 12:34:11 pm »
As you know it's that time of year again where we all drag ourselves out of our comfy summer beds and head to school everyday.
Recently I've seen a lot of members not doing so well, feeling stressed, upset, etc. about many different situations in school.
I just want to tell everyone to take a deep breath, and relax.
School is tough, I know. Moving to a new school is scary, and even going into high school is scary.
Although I can't give you all one generalized advice to help you out, I just want you to know it will get better. The teachers are there to help you, and if they aren't you need to tell a principal or another teacher you trust. Sometimes you have to put a little more effort into things, you really can't half ass things in school or your grades will reflect it.

Also, here are some resources to help you out during school - Answers textbook questions (such as algebra, geometry, etc.) Just find your book, enter the page number, and most of them have explanations too. This really saved my butt in Algebra. Sign up for a free account so you can get full access, really, it's all free. - Lots of different subject from math and science. (Awesome, easy to understand) Video tutorials, practice questions, and more. Includes lessons like on how to divide, how to do synthetic division, how to do algebra, etc. I have yet to not find a lesson from algebra that I needed. - Personally I believe it's a better alternative to SparkNotes. Just look up your book, and there's TONS of info on them. Like the basic summary, chapter by chapter summaries, title meanings, analysis, quizzes, etc. And also, all the descriptions are in modern, easy to understand text. - One of the best resources for finding out anything. Look up a lesson, from any subject and you're sure to find cool videos to help explain.

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Re: School Advice
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2015, 02:53:14 pm »
At my school they have these websites called "" (basically stylized like facebook except it's used to connect students with their classmates and teachers to discuss and communicate over assignments/projects/tests/etc.) Edmodo is EXTREMELY helpful if you need information and updates about what's going on in class and what is to come. Another website we use, "Quizlet". Quizlet is a site where you can study for really any subject. On quizlet you can test yourself via flashcards, games pertaining to the assignment, as well as spelling and vocab. if you are using it for Spanish, ELA, or Reading. You could also use this free program on your phone called "Remind 101". This is a one way text messenger you're teacher can use to get in direct contact with you for updates and reminders about certain assignments. Your teacher will give you a phone number to sign up for Remind 101, you put that number in, save it to your contacts on your smartphone, and soon a confirmation text will appear from whatever number that was saying something like "Hello, welcome to Remind 101, this is Mr./Mrs. (teacher name here), tonight you will work on (assignment)."   I've found these to be very helpful throughout my freshman year when high school was a whole new thing to graduating middle schoolers. Good luck this year.
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Re: School Advice
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2015, 05:23:10 pm »
Wolfram Alpha is also a very good tool to use with math things once you figure out how to use it. it's basically a scientific calculator + more
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Re: School Advice
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2015, 05:57:25 pm »
As a high school dropout, I'm probably not too qualified for this. But if anyone needs any help, shoot me a message or an email, I can give some science/math help and I'll be more than happy to proofread essays and stories.

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