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Learning Techniques
« on: October 06, 2015, 11:06:02 am »
I've thought of topic for sharing learning techniques that would help during studying for example. If you have any you use yourself feel free to share!

I personally can reccomend technique that uses a bit of imagination ( It's best for learning translations of words in from other languages, or just numbers connected to words. ). Let me explain how it works with an example:

Let's start with translating word from other language

Let's take english word ''Friend''. We have to learn how to translate it to Spanish. Spanish translation is ''Amigo''

To quickly remember it, try to come up with a story/ image associated with both ''Friend'' and ''Amigo''. Picture you walking alongside one of your friends, and imagine him suddenly just turning your way, in a sombrerero, screaming ''MY AMIGO!''

See where I am getting at? Every pair of words can be associated to make a short image in your head, which is easier to remember than just to repeat something until you make yourself remember it.

Or let's take a word associated with some numbers. Useful for remembering history dates in my opinion.

Beggining of the cold war - 1947

I dont think it's that important to remember first two numbers, since it's rather known which century most of events are. It's the two last numbers that usually cause problems. So let's imagine something like this :

It's winter. Four kids playing around in snow, when all of sudden... The snowman they just made rises, alive! It starts gathering snowballs, and shoots all seven he gathered right in the face of the kid that was being mean before!

The sillier and more creative the image/ story the easier it is to remember something

I've also heard of method of associating simple drawing/ doodles with bits of information. While learning certain definition, draw a quick scribble/ doodle, and try to associate the whole definition with whatever you drew. During the test draw that once again, and from what I know you should remember definition easier.

I'm not sure how effective this one is, but I heard it was effective for someone so I think it's worth trying out too.

That's all, I hope it helps! Feel free to share anything that helps you learn too  :fox-:):

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Re: Learning Techniques
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2016, 11:19:28 am »
I randomly found this lolz but sounds like a good technique for languages I might try it XP
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Re: Learning Techniques
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2016, 01:49:13 pm »
Now that school is starting up again, I figured that maybe I'd share mine.

Being an artist and a writer, I am a very visual learner, and it's easier for me to remember things if I have characters for everything I have to remember.

Say I have to remember the date that the civil war started, I would draw a character in either the Yankee, or the Confederate uniform (usually Yankee for the start, and Confederate for the end) and make a back story for said character.

I know it probably doesn't make sense, but that's how I learn.

Now you may be asking, how can this help me on a test?

What I do, is I get out a piece of scrap paper, and write the characters name, a quick scribble sketch (like a 1 minute one) and some of the important information from his back story.

Viola, A on the test.
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