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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
« Reply #20 on: November 08, 2015, 01:39:13 pm »
Name: Rogue (not real name)
Middle Name: never tells
Last Name: "
Gender: Female
Species: Naked Rat/Ferret
Sexuality: Panromantic/Sexuality?

Personality: Rebellious, persuasive, a bit selfish, punk, doesn't believe in love, hard for her to see the good in the world, crazy sense of humor, loyal to good friends

Likes: Punk clothing, drugs, people who don't care and just express themselves, rock music, breaking the law, riots, having fun

Dislikes: People who are too nice, stereotypers, conformaty, big crowds, cops, "popular" people, being controlled, tape

Fears: Love, being caught, large bodies of water

Character Flaws: Troublesome, law breaker, druggy, trust issues, speaks her mind, can be harsh, acts hard but really isn't a horrible person

Height: Tall
Weight: Thin
Appearance: Rogue looks like a naked rat. She has a dark brown mask like a ferret. The only fur she has is on the ends of her tail, ears, knees, and elbows. It is light golden brown (almost blonde) with dark brown and medium brown streaks/highlights. (Based off a ferret's fur)
Eyes: One redish-brown and one light blue
Hair: Long feathery Mohawk with short sides. Same color as fur.

Abilities: Persuasive, agility, stealth

Back Story: Rogue doesn't go by her real name and never tells anyone what it is. This is part of her rebellious nature. She chooses to be rebellious and do what she wants because she thinks the world is a horrible place. Rogue is just very confused about life, so she does what SHE thinks she has to do.

Other: It's hard for her to make true friends, but when she does she is very loyal to them. Rogue really can be a good person when she wants, she just needs a good reason. She breaks laws by stealing, selling and doing drugs, vandalism, and getting in fights. She doesn't do anything super serious like murder and whatnot. Rogue wears punk clothing. She has solid gauges and two earrings on each side of her ears, as well as a left eyebrow piercing. She doesn't have any tatoos yet, but plans on getting a lot.
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This sums up exactly how I feel ^^^

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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
« Reply #21 on: November 08, 2015, 05:34:44 pm »
Name: Elizabeth Danielle Reiter (but just call her Dani or she'll smack you)
Gender:  Probably female
Species: Dog mutt?
Sexuality: Pansexual (she personally just says she just likes whoever when asked and never specifies pan)

Personality: Seems quiet but it the total opposite when you get to know her. She honestly cares about people but lacks empathy for a lot of things and thinks people are way to sensitive. She lives in the moment and doesn't have a specific personality, she can be pretty sporadic and acts totally different at times. Her biggest emotion is probably anger, she'll flip out but she never really gets overly excited and she won't show when she's sad.

Likes: Drag queens, chocolate (even though it makes her sick), gossiping, flirting, roleplaying, gaming, cooking, drawing, reading, writing, stuffed animals

Dislikes: People who boss her around, police, deadlines, meeting new people (even though she has some very close friends), meat besides poultry

Fears: The dark, Dolls, and heights. She is also slightly scared of people being in power of her as she's had more then enough of that her whole life.

Character Flaws: Has an addiction to causing trouble even though she knows she shouldn't she just gets a rush from it. She is usually well behaved but snaps at points. She is a kleptomaniac but usually manages it. She's incredibly shy around new people. Her shyness is often mistaken for weakness. This causes a lot of trouble as she has a pretty big personality and people are always trying to tale advantage of her seeing her as weak. She ends up in a lot of physical and verbal fights due to this but usually wins. She's also a slight hoarder.

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 125lb
Appearance: Sleek brown fur. She has large ears and a fluffy tail that curves slightly. Her nose is pale pink and vaguely heart shaped. Her lips, claws, and paw pads are black. Though she usually wears lipstick and nail polish. She has a few freckles in specific spots on her face, neck, and back. She also has spots on her ears and tail, her fur also gets darker there. She has broad shoulders and strong arms and legs along with a slightly curvy build. She does not have muzzle. Her eyes are hazel, sometimes appearing brown or greenish. Her hair is naturally and afro and brown but she has it bleached and dyed pink. She usually has it pulled back in a ponytail. Sometimes she'll straighten it, but she ALWAYS wears a headband.

No magic abilities. Sometimes she'll have them in AUs though.

Backstory: She insists it's not interesting and you don't want to know. There's probably something beyond that.

Other: She likes to wear boots and high heels a lot but prefers comfort to fashion. She'll usually wear some cute simple outfit but does like to dress up on occasion. Her best friend is Tanya a fossa turtle dove hybrid, they're high school friends. I usually draw her as a teenager but sometimes I draw her older. She attended medical school but ended up not becoming a doctor. She's very smart, smarter then she let's on but she doesn't act stupid she just doesn't brag. Don't make her angry you will regret it. She is pretty reasonable and skeptical of others so earning her trust is no small task.
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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
« Reply #22 on: November 11, 2015, 09:02:15 pm »
Name: Little Paw

Last Name: N/A

Gender: none (identifies as male)

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Sexuality: N/A

Personality: Little Paw is a very curious, childlike, and silly like most Angel Dragons, but he's also very observant and knows how to be quiet while doing so

Likes: human foods, "his" humans whom he stalks, messing/pranking "his" humans, flying, being with his own kind, photographs, cameras, film canisters

Dislikes: Wasting his energy, not being able to hold physical objects for a long time, violence, death

Fears: losing the humans he loves, losing himself to the Abyss, T.V.'s (he doesn't understand them, 'why are there little people in the little box? Someone save them!'

Character Flaws: hoarding mentality, thief, emotional, horrible moss swings

Height: 5"7

Weight: N/A

Abilities: Flight, levitation, dimsension-hopping

Backstory: Little Paw was born in the mid 16th century in the Northeast part of the U.S., he grew up like any normal Angel Dragon, with help from the sidelines from other Angel Dragons as they're very social, Little Paw was never able to find his parents but this didn't bother him much. He became interested in humans very early in life and couldn't get enough of them as they were very strange and interesting to watch, soon photography came around and he was obsessed with it, hoarding anything film or photo, around this time he reincarnated himself as to look more like a black and white photo. Another hundred years later in the 21st century he also became Attached to a few humans, but, sadly, one of his humans, a tattoo artist, passed away in a car crash. After some difficulty he managed to get passed the mournful time because he learned his human made it to Paradise, his souvenir was the tear marks under his eyes. Since then he's tried to only help/ mess with the two remaining humans on the sidelines.
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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
« Reply #23 on: November 12, 2015, 12:19:53 am »
Name: Akata

Last name: Rena

Gender: Male

Species: Red Fox!

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Kind, shy, likes making friends and always happy! Also, quiet and cool

Likes: Food, Video Games, Friends, Hanging out, the Cold and Reading

Dislikes: Mean people, spiders, and  loneliness

Fears: Nothing!

Character Flaws: Always sleepy, a little color blind, irresponsible, and forgets therr are other people sometimes

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 135

Abilities: Can read emotions

Back story: No one knows about his birth, he woke up alone in a city with only the memory of his name. Began noticing that it was easy to read peoples feelings, which sometimes scared the friends he made. A wanderer and adventurer!
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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
« Reply #24 on: November 12, 2015, 05:07:24 am »
Name: Bede

Last Name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Fox. From Ireland. He's also green.

Sexuality: Homosexual

Personality: A bit shy and finds it hard make new friends, but isn't afraid to fight for both the friends he does have and what he stands for.

Likes: All types of games, talking, stories and doing things for the first time.

Dislikes: All types of hate, being avoided and his past.

Fears: Being forgotten.

Character Flaws: Tends to act on impose.

Abilities: Really good at fighting. Has the power to summon his twin brother, Aden (I'll make Aden's bio some other day).

Backstory: Bede was born a warlock and spent nearly half his life destroying everything he saw, leaving nothing behind, until one day he stopped and thought about what he was doing. Since that day he's stopped using the dark arts and has been trying to live a much nicer life ever since. Aden, however, tends to follow Bede wherever he goes to 'look after' him. They act like they hate each other but in reality would die for each other.

Fun Fact: Did you know Bede is a green fox? It's weird.
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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
« Reply #25 on: November 14, 2015, 03:57:08 pm »
Name: Fern (plant of friendship and adventure)
Middle Name: Luvena (little loved one)
Last Name: Softpaw
Gender: Female
Species: Red Fox
Sexuality: Hetero

Personality: Kind, generous, very playful, childish, cutsey, romantic, innocent, curious

Likes: Fashion, love, playing, playgrounds, cute things, hugs, making friends, dancing, Asmund the "lone wolf"

Dislikes: Bullies, naughty things, selfish people

Fears: Most bugs, fast moving water, tools, sinkholes, sexual things, losing loved ones, upsetting someone

Character Flaws: Too kind, too optimistic, too innocent (all of these leads to her being walked on and fearful) scaredy cat, weak, a bit clumsy

Height: 5'4
Weight: about 110
Appearance: A normal looking red fox with big innocent eyes and ears, and an extra fluffy tail. She has black "sock" paws and a petite nose
Eyes: Olive green
Hair: Auburn, long with simple swooping bangs

Abilities: Sense of fashion

Backstory: X

Other: Overall Fern is just a really playful and very kind person. She is very girly and loves cute things. There isn't much to say about her that hasn't been said or isn't already obvious.
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This sums up exactly how I feel ^^^

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Character bios??
« Reply #26 on: February 23, 2016, 09:32:19 pm »
My apologizes if this isn't the place to put this type of thing, or if there's already a thread like this [I checked the last three most recent pages and didn't see anything].
I'm just wondering if anyone has even partially developed characters?? Even if not in a standard bio form. I love hearing anything and everything people have on their characters [be it a fursona or OC]. *wags*

If you don't have a bio, but would like to help entertain me anyway [XP], I've got a form here I made up and use quite a bit when RPing:
Name ||
Species ||
Sex ||
Gender Identity ||
Sexual Orientation ||
Age ||
Height ||
Weight ||
General Personality ||
Likes ||
Dislikes ||
Habits ||
Fears ||
Relatives/Family ||
Family Life Description ||
Other ||

And of course, if anyone is interested, here's the filled out one for my fursona. It's pretty outdated but I'm too lazy to fix right now. XP
Name || Erin [Junior by family]
Species || Wolf [Tibetan]
Sex || Male
Gender Identity || Feminine male
Sexual Orientation || Gay
Age || Anywhere from 16 to mid-twenties.
Height || 5'1"
Weight || 132 lbs
General Personality || Though he can be prickly and rude when it comes to first impressions, Erin can be a big sweetheart. He gets defensive of himself easily, and has a short temper as well. When approached, he calms up, as he's painfully shy. If he sees someone he's acquainted with [but not friends with] while out and about, he speeds up his pace or ducks into a store to hide, doing just about anything to get away from possible conversations with them. If someone does happen to get near enough to him to get a word in, he's been known to flat out ignore them and continue walking. Erin's pretty insecure about his looks, taking quite a while to get himself ready before leaving the house. He usually wears jeans and long sleeves, wanting as much skin and fur covered up as possible. When swimming [if someone has put in the hours to convince him to swim], he always wears a shirt along with his trunks [and that's if he hasn't just jumped in with his jeans and long sleeved tops]. He's an adamant sort of pup, stuck on his ideals. Even if he's realized he's on the faulted side of an argument, he'll continue on just because he's too prideful to admit he's wrong. If someone has caught his attention, he's sometimes able to muster up enough confidence to approach and speak to them. Even then, the conversations never last long as he quickly runs out of things to say and awkwardly slinks away. With his few close friends, Erin can be extremely sweet to them and even outgoing at times. He easily gets concerned for his friends, but isn't brave enough to become outwardly protective of them.
Likes || Being taken care of, Sea-Monkeys, techno-type music, stuffed animal plushies.
Dislikes || Being questioned, not getting what he wants, other wolves, the nickname Junior.
Habits || Crossing his arms, running his fingers through his hair, rubbing the back of his neck, biting his nails, pulling on his hair, chewing on his sleeves.
Fears || Being hated, being unable to find a mate, disappointing his family.
Relatives/Family || Mother and father, large extended family.
Family Life Description || Family is very tight knit, large family gatherings are common. Erin himself isn't very into family visits and plans to split off and go his own way. Though his family is close to each other, they will not hesitate to disown a member who goes against their general rules and morals. Members who are disowned or leave are forgotten about very quickly. Finding a mate and having pups are one of the more important things to the family.
Other || Has an easily upset stomach. Whimpers in his sleep [could be considered a habit?]. [I never like the way I write his personality, but summed up, he's pretty much a spazzy little thing that twitches sometimes. Super shy and easily flustered. More you try to get him to take control of a situation, the more submissive he gets and wants to follow, not lead.]

To reiterate, you don't have to necessarily post a full bio. I'm just as interested in hearing small tidbits and facts you have about characters [though bios are always more fun to read XP].

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Re: Character bios??
« Reply #27 on: February 23, 2016, 09:45:40 pm »
Name || Bluster
Species || Red Panda
Sex || Male
Gender Identity || masculine male
Sexual Orientation || Bisexual
Age || 17
Height || 6"0
Weight || 210
General Personality ||Caring, understanding, wise, funny
Likes || music, video games, skyping friends
Dislikes ||homework, school,
Habits || always has 1 earbud in
Fears || becoming distant from friends, relationships
Relatives/Family || mom,dad and 2 brothers
Family Life Description || Pretty normal family, somewhat weatlhy
Other ||
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Re: Character bios??
« Reply #28 on: February 23, 2016, 10:32:35 pm »
Name || Marcie (Marcena)
Species || Cat (Maine Coon)
Sex || Female
Gender Identity || Feminine female
Sexual Orientation || Greysexual/Demisexual, Heteroromantic
Age || 16
Height || 5'5''
Weight || 145 lbs

General Personality || Spunky, easygoing and friendly. Loves playing jokes on others and having a good laugh. Can be a bit over-sensitive at times and makes impulsive decisions when stressed out.

Likes || Apple pie, apple cider, rainy days, hugs, crafting, baking, sweaters, other furs, video games, drawing

Dislikes || Stuck up & mean people, cold weather, soda & fizzy things

Habits || Biting claws, messing with hair, tapping her foot, bouncing her leg when seated
Fears || Heights, the dark, losing loved ones, not meeting self-standards

Relatives/Family || Mom, dad and brother

Family Life Description || Her family is very tight knit, especially the bond she has with her brother.

Other || N/A
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Re: Character bios??
« Reply #29 on: February 24, 2016, 12:50:42 am »
Name || Flurry snowcream
Species || Lemurdog
Sex || n/a
Gender Identity || dunno I don't understand
Sexual Orientation || whatever
Age || 18
Height || .... well in drawing size slightly more than the proportion of 3 heads, if ya know what I mean (they are fairly small though I haven't decided on the size maybe like 60cm in fact that might be too tall)
Weight || um not too heavy? (let me think about it)
General Personality || The crazy eccentric, free spirited adventurous yet somewhat reserved sometimes
unpredictable creative individualist with chill personality seems not to care. switches from doing one thing to another a lot (like an extreme version of me :/)
Likes || ice cream, sushi
Dislikes || conformists, boredom and shallowness
Habits || being awesome
Fears || being rejected
Relatives/Family || well know parents and all
Family Life Description || one parent is a lemur the other a dog
Other ||
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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
« Reply #30 on: February 24, 2016, 11:48:37 am »
Merged with an existing similar thread :lion:
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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
« Reply #31 on: February 24, 2016, 12:00:40 pm »



Sexuality:straight i think


height:exactly 5'0

weight:130 pounds, whith a bit of cute chub

personality:happy go lucky, a little shy, embarresed easily,funny, innocent, clumsy,adorable,sweet,simple

likes: tacos, nice people, the color red and purple, food in general, video games, anime, doctor who/sherlock, i love music,dogs and cats and hedgehogs, and lts more

dislikes: birds, heights, cheesecake, mashedpotatoes, rude/ignorant/mean people, people who see themselves as higher/better then others,hot muggy summer days

Habits: always wears a bunch of bracelets, procrastinating alot

smart:sure i am, everyone is in their own way

abilities:art, piano,being kind, Kuro's red spots can glow in the dark
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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
« Reply #32 on: February 24, 2016, 12:30:13 pm »
Name: Alastair

Last name: Wilde

Gender: Surgender; 100% male, 20% female

Species: Eastern dragon

Sexuality: Grey-homoflexible

Personality: True neutral, introvert, individualist, intelligent

Likes: History, music, animals, writing, drawing, philosophy, psychology, fedoras

Dislikes: Too many things

Fears: Super loud noises, being forgotten after death

Character Flaws: Bad vision, not the best in social situations, not physically fit, second-guesses himself, procrastinates, doesn't show emotions well

Age: 35

Height: 6'7''

Weight: 257 pounds

Abilities: Fedora

Back story: Still working on it. But he's originally from Scotland and moved to America with his family when he was 6.

Fun facts: Agnostic LaVeyan Satanist, collects antiques, vinyl records, old military officer caps, and taxidermy, has a couple of weird kinks, plays guitar, likes '60s, '70s, and '80s folk rock

I feel like I'm writing my own bio for most of this. :fox-:P:
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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
« Reply #33 on: February 25, 2016, 03:29:16 pm »
(I'll do my main)

Name: Ikonoago (Iko for short)
Gender: Male
Species: Demon-bat
Sexuality: Heterosexual I think? Haven't thought about it.
Personality: Mischeivous, cunning, energetic, secretly intelligent
Likes: Pranks, telling jokes, flying, sleeping, eating cake
Dislikes: sports, working, educational television
Fears: his friends turning on him, being judged,the letter "E" (or as he'd put it, "I don't "fear" the letter E. That's ridiculous. In reality, I just don't trust that's like a mutant F.")
Flaws: Loud, inattentive, hypocritical, clumsy, lazy
Age: Unknown
Height: about 3 feet
-seems like a pest most of the time, but he speaks quite intelligently with complex words.
-He's nocturnal, but all of his friends aren't, so he has to stay up all the time.
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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
« Reply #34 on: February 29, 2016, 12:20:31 am »
Ayyyy I've finished designing my new sona so

Name: Phoenix
Last name:You wish this magnificent beast had a last name so you could take it when you marry them
Age:Noooobody knows o_O
Gender:Gender neutral yo (they/them)
Species:Angel dragonnnnnn
Sexuality/Romantic attraction: Grey-aro ace

Personality: Hella fabulous (they leave a friggn trail of fiery glitter wherever they go); stubborn, confident, generous, warm, boisterous, creative
Character flaws:Can often be brash, aggresive. Very anxious in new enivronments. A bit of a hoarder.
Likes:Chew toys, collars, helping others, nature, birds, petting, attention, and Italian cuisine
Dislikes:Shouting, being scolded, the cold, mean people/furs, immortality

Appearance:Smol, precious, badass angel dragon that has fiery feathers/down in a gradient of red, orange, then yellow. Large golden/ dark yellow horns. One eye is black, the other is blind, whiteish-grey, with a lighter red around the rim.
Height: 4'9"
Abilities:Summoning/controlling fire

Fun facts
●Phoenix is basically a furnace. They get very warm and others often flock to them in cold weather. Blankets are rarely required.
●They have a small hoard of stuffed animals, their favorite being a teddy bear
●Phoenix often combusts when they are very anxious, angry, or excited.
●They generally make noises such as chirps, squeaks, and yips.

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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
« Reply #35 on: March 08, 2016, 12:10:40 am »
Pretty sure I once did something exactly like this for a different thread but eh why not, a lot has changed since the last time I conveyed any information about my Fursonas and if I'm being honest with myself it's not like I'm going to pass up the opportunity to write another stupid long drawn out post nobody will ever read.  :fox-;):

Full Name: Tod Atsu
Age: Most of the time it's my own age as the Fursona is an extension of myself but when it does change I generously shave off a few years.  :fox-:P:
Species: Red Fox (Or Red Kittsesh if I plug into the lore of Project Forra)
Gender: Male
Romantic Interest: N/A

Major Personality Traits: Timid, Meek, Modest, Generous, Kind, Tenacious
Character Flaws: Errr, Timid, Meek, Submisive, Implusive, Introvert

Appearance: In what has become something of a joke at this point Tod's physical appearance is about as generic text book Red Fox anthro as it can possibly get, Red fur, Black fur Highlights on the ears, and slightly darker red fur highlights on the hands and paws.  The clothes change constantly since I haven't figured out any outfit I am content with and as such I will abstract out that part of the appearance.

Hieght: 5ft. 4.5in.
Weight: 109lb

Abilities: If pluged into the lore of Project Forra Tod usually has some kind of Nature magic with healing powers. Outside of the lore he usually has some more profound Healing powers or at the very last the vast Herbal knowledge passed down through generations of his family which he can lean upon for Healing and combat interchangibly.

Completly Random Facts:
The Name Tod and the alias TodTheFox comes from my one of my favorite child hood characters, Tod from the Fox and the Hound

Tod is more than just a Fursona but an actual character which gets plugged into so many different run off stories and lore there are extremly few consitency remaining across the character as the fursona now only serves as a rough cookie cutter template to be re-shapped and moulded to fit the story currently being written.

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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
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I'll try to do this
NAME: Delco Wolfy Thundertail
AGE: 14
SPECIES: Timber Wolf

PERSONALITY: Friendly, Loyal, Only shy to new people (as in, it is hard to start talking to but once it starts talking he normally can't stop. Like me.)
FLAWS: Doesn't think things through, just does stuff, it makes it look like an idiot a lot, has a very VERY small vocabulary (like me irl)
LIKES: hugs, rain, and the furry fandom
DISLIKES: bullies, bad days, and energy drinks

APPEARANCE: yellow fur with black ear tips, hind paw toes, and tail tip. Super bright green eyes with black pupils.
HEIGHT: around 5'9 (like me)
WEIGHT: like 110 or something around that I think

ABILITIES: mega hugs I guess :fox-;):

•sleeps with a little stuffed wolf sometimes :blush-fox:
•Likes to howl... A lot.(me irl for some reason idk why but I love to howl...)
•talks too much
•doesn't know what sleep is
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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
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Species:sabor tooth coyote




Height:5ft 9in


Body type:muscular


Favorite food:buffalo wings

Favorite band:skillet

Goal in life:make it as an artist

Realationship status:single but crushing

  • Pronouns: She her feminine
Lol I'm a sabor tooth coyote!!!! I sell art and suits for a good price! Contact me if you are interested, also I'm very energetic about what I do. I'm a friendly wittle coyote!

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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
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any real kitsunes here?

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Re: Fursona Bio Thread
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Name: Ziggy
Gender: Biologically male, but androgynous
Species: Ringtailed lemur
Sexuality: Panromantic

Personality: Loud, rambunctious, crazy, naive,highly energetic
Likes: Flowers, juice, pasta, America's Next Top Model, dressing up, trampolines
Dislikes: Pants, spicy food, negative people
Fears: Birds (any kind, but especially larger birds), needles, darkness
Character flaws: He's annoying, and quite a handful to take care of.

Appearance: big ol' fluffy tail with 13 stripes, and a white ring around his nose
( )
Height: 5'
Weight: 115 about
Abilities: none. she is a rat.

Fun Facts:

-Tries to make friends with everybody
-Uses his tail as a scarf sometimes
-Usually wears a pastel rainbow bandana

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