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Zagan's request thingy
« on: January 07, 2017, 05:20:15 pm »
I want to keep requests separate from my main thread
So I'm making this thread
I want to start doing commissions soon
So I will need examples
If you'd like me to draw your character then this is the thread for you
Here is my main thread if you'd like to see my work

Just fill out this form
Ref: (visual only I am color blind af)
Any outfits or accessories:
At least 2 sentence compliment to someone here: (if you don't do this I will ignore you, its good to spread positivity)

Must be at least red level
I'm getting these done when I feel like it and I'm just doing the ones I feel like drawing. Don't try to guilt trip me or message me about it taking so long. If you do that then it will definitely not get drawn lol. Sorry but this is free art idk why you're complaining in the first place.
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