Author Topic: a fairly short headphone(s) review  (Read 521 times)

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a fairly short headphone(s) review
« on: January 05, 2016, 10:03:27 pm »
(picture currently unavailable, will be put up as soon as possible.)
in this picture you can (fairly) clearly see 2 (two) pares of headphones.
the one on the right are the razer carcharias (~60usd)
on the left is the sol republic V8 on ear headphones (~100usd)

first up are the razers.
TL;DR: overall great for gaming, fairly high quality.
nice sound.
surround sound.
on the fly bass and volume control.
pay what ya get.
cord no likey chewing.
loose fit, will slip down or fall off.
requires power source to work.
9.5/10 vury nice.
(real review) my pair have been broken due to ~1-2 months of  light chewing on the cords, now only the microphone-less side works. but back before that happened they sounded "great" (well get to that later). its quit nice how you have a slider for bass, although it can be very intense, although it can drown out the surprisingly low levels when high notes are distorted. another thing that happens is the headphones create an annoyingly quiet buzz, too loud to not intrude in quiet noise levels, too soft to make it a con.
if you are a metaphorical audiophile, stay away, these are best for gaming, not jamming.
they did not pass the headbang test.

on the other hand, the sol republics. i will refer to these as the V8s.
TL;DR in my experience, on the great side for what you have to pay for. better for music.
high quality.
very portable.
very nice fit. (most likely wont fall off)
nice colorz. (not like you can rave that hard in these)
expensive for most people.
higher than most target for theft, due to the quality and price.
10/10...if bought on a sale. (got mine for ~40usd)
8.875/10 at full price.

after the razer incident, ive learned not to chew on chords (as well as the few shocks ive had) but these will most likely lat you a long time. i estimate a you will get a year or two, upwards to 3 1/2.  on to the ""great"" part; the speaker parts are close to the ear, allowing for clearer quality at most times and reasonable sound canceling with audio (ok without), making it so that the razers sound odd; the closest i can describe it is 'airy'. while the V8s sound strong like bull.
i try not to leave the house using these as i dont want em getting stolen (long history of theft at my school).
if ya like music and want a little more kick, these are pretty damn good; just try to get them on sale.
they "passed" the headbang test.(they moved a bit, but stayed on)
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Re: a fairly short headphone(s) review
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2016, 10:48:00 pm »
I have a pair of these strange Sently headphones for gaming and I can say without a doubt that they are easily comparable quality to my Bose quiet comfort. They were $39.99 on Amazon and light up and have a vibration feature + a subwoofer so you feel the bass. Also, the mic quality is crazy! People ask if I'm a pro because I have too nice of a mic to just be in normal games (sounds like a twitch streamer mic)
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