Author Topic: Some (Muso's) Guy's review on several albums.  (Read 385 times)

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Some (Muso's) Guy's review on several albums.
« on: February 02, 2016, 12:41:59 pm »
Hi there.
Welcome to this thread.
Seeing as how I tend to listen to albums repeatedly, i'm going to dump some reviews here as I listen to said albums, including thoughts on each song.

First up, Andrew Jackson Jihad with the Can't Maintain album.

The first song on this album is Heartilation.
"I want to break apart my heart, glue the pieces to my car, crash it into a wall i don't want to feel at all."
Man, what a way to open an album. This, at least in my humble opinion, shows the reliability of AJJ, not so much for boring love songs or gangta supa-killa (I'm sorry not sorry) themes but rather it focuses on desired heartlessness. That, and it's a has a larger rock influence that the other songs on the album
Eh, good song though

Next, self esteem.
"People freak me out, people make me scared, people make me so damn self aware."
This song, oh boy.
I could say this is the perfect song for school, but, i'm sure not everyone experiences that.
Anyway, I know it is for at least some people.
Another wonderful song

Love In The Time Of Human Papillomavirus
"You will cough up crows to peck my eyes, and I will do nothing but go blind."
This songs starts with violin, is it? Anywho, relatively emotional song.
From what I can get, this is some sort of hopeless love song. Loneliness, and such.
One of the best on the album.

"I like to wear disguises, and I like to disguise my plan, no one will know how evil I really am"
Woah, this song, after thinking about it, hits way too close to home.
Being unsure of your feelings, and that feeling that you're a horrible person. Yeah.. Moving on.
Good song though.

You don't deserve yourself.
See title for song line.
Ah, yes. I believe this song is about some sort of frustration, i mean.
To be honest, it's quite self explanatory.
Ok song.

Olde(y) Time(y)
"I have been drained of what was named self respect."
The ultimate bad day song.
Just.. agh, you know.
Also, an important quote.
"No one knows what's it's like to be anyone but yourself."
Things similar pop up a few times.
Gud song, this.

 Kazoo Sonata In C Minor
"Doo-doo whew, doo-da-whoooo"
Literally a kazoo song.
Eh, you know.

We Didn't Come Here To Rock
No quote tho, sorry.
Eh... it's ok I guess?

Truckers Are The Blood
"I don't believe in god but sometimes I pray, because the way I was raised kept me afraid."
I don't know what say..

You know what?
Sorry, rest of songs, ima skip you.
All of them are good though.

 White Face, Black Eyes
"Love what you can, love what you can 'till it dies."
The main song of the album.
Oh, man, this song.
Jeez, it resonates man.
Gah, listen to it. The best song on the album without a doubt.

All in all, i'd give this album an eight? I don't know. I just like writing lol.
Listen to it, though.

Yeah, I got lazy shutup.

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