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Ori and the blind forest Review!
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:12:16 am »
So, I´m realy bad at stuff like reviews so this will be prety short... but i´m gonna try anyways caus the game totaly deserves it!

Ori and the blind forest is a 2d platformer, focusing on story, gameplay and atmosphere!
It has a great story and fantastic atmosphere, It is kinda challenging if you dont have that much experience with 2d platformers, but its still realy fun!
(Have I mentioned the great soundtrack?!)
Anyways this is one of those games that you dont play, but experience!
Theres even a extended edition of the game coming this spring, that brings a bigger map and new gameplay mechanics! So I´m also realy exited for that!

It is a great game, and everyone that hasnt played it should at least take a look at some gameplay videos!  :fox-;):

I would rate 10/10!  :fox-:):
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