Author Topic: How animal like would furries be?  (Read 456 times)

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How animal like would furries be?
« on: February 15, 2016, 01:52:10 am »
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So, I was reading a thread about animal insults, and it got me thinking. How animal like would furries be? For example, would dogs sniff butts, crocodiles eat rocks, and cats lick themselves to clean themselves instead of bathing?

And regarding diets now, how would that work? Would we all be omnivores, or would we eat what our animal ate? How would we get the meat?

And our fur, feathers, or scales, would we shed them? Or would we be permanently stuck in a coat that we determine for ourselves.

And regarding relationships, marriage, and children. There is going to be specieism, garenteed in the furry world, and many parents will dissaprove of each subsequent generation. Not only that, but how would furries have children? Are all of us automatically compatible with each other? I guess that would make sense because of hybrids. Or, what I was thinking, is that all furries, scalies, and avians are developed in a lab, where parents get to choose what their child looks like and all that... In second thought, that sounds like a sub par idea.

How would society function with all these different species of we were remotely anything like our animal. If we were all to be equal, there would have to be a lot of catering to each species. Like the Olympics for example. Not only would there have to be male and female divisions (or mixed), but there would have to be a different division for each species of animals... Although I think breed wouldn't matter. And jobs, there would always be certain animals more suitable for certain jobs than others, and that would be the end of the passion of so many.

Oh and sports... So many would cease to exist, unless there were animals still. Speaking of which, would animals still exist, or would furries be the only fauna inhabiting the world?
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Re: How animal like would furries be?
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2016, 11:05:53 pm »
      It depends what you consider animalistic. If you're only interprating the physical appearance, then they would look mostly like real animals. The noticable difference would be the human form of posture and human-like digits for some. When it comes to more occupational tendencies, they'd be nothing like real world animals. The ability to talk and act similar to a human isn't normal in any animal species, and it would feel very anthropomorphic. Furries would probably represent humans more than they would their feral counterparts in my personal opinion.
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