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Guild Wars 2 Review >.>
« on: March 11, 2016, 10:22:28 pm »
 The game 'was' balanced. I played it for a good month, got hooked (due to pvp). And then got bored. Honestly I'd rate it at 7.5/10. The game is kind of open worldish... But yet the game itself isn't good enough to have fun exploring. I mean I loved exploring Fallout 3, and I was okay exploring Skyrim and Oblivion, and even Ego Draconis a little. But this game, was just. Meh. Leveling up took time, but it wasn't always just grinding, as you can level up from either fighting or exploring, or pvp. But it was still boring. The combat system is unique, I guess. The story itself, how they say that the story is unique, or create your own story or something. Is absolutely a lie. Basically every race you pick in the game has it's own story, and that's about it (And the ending of each story seems to be the same, as my friend says his story sounds something like mine towards the end). (And even then the story is really dry... Honestly, I felt like I was kinda grinding. Only one part in my story as a Char (Like a were cheeta race?) was actually interesting, and after that I got bored.)

 The gameplay is solid, it's different. And a little addicting. (Against players) Against monsters it's boring. The pvp, like I said, was balanced. When they added that expansion pack, it became unfair. Basically you have five skill trees, and you can pick three. Two of them would work well together the third never fits. Except if you get the expansion pack, they give you this uber powerful skill tree that works very well with the other two skill trees. And when I say unfair, I mean I've fought someone with my own class (And the dlc skill tree), mind you I was pretty good at the game. I didn't stand a chance. I was built like a tank yet I died, fast. When you 1 vs 1 someone (As an engineer) it feels like a stalemate, and it becomes a matter of whoever calls for backup first wins. You don't stand, a chance against two players. Unlike other games, where you might be able to at least retreat. In this game, you're gonna die, you're going to get stunned, knocked down, whatever to death.

They got the dungeon thing so wrong. Basically a dungeon is a stealth mission, about finding glitches and loopholes, and not fighting your way through, unless you need to fight a boss to continue. Which takes the idea of a dungeon, and turns it into Deus Ex Machina. No wait. Make that Dark souls esponiage, if you get spotted by monsters, that's the end. No way to win.

Surprisingly the people in the game, are actually quite kind. I've met people that are really cool. Even this one person I kind of annoyed, (I followed him a bit, because his armor was cool, and I wanted to show my friend the guy.) And even he turned around and wanted to help me make a new build. ) People I've gone into dungeons with, where I've screwed up TERRIBLEY BAD because I said 'ooh luck pretty object and stood there like a slack jawed idiot', even those people laughed it off and helped me out. Despite my griping and rage towards the game. So the community is 10/10. I haven't met a single troll on there. My favorite part about this game; HAS TO BE THE COMMUNITY>.>
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