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Pet Plaza Board Rules
« on: May 09, 2017, 05:54:22 pm »
This board is for creating topics that are based around the concept of animals. Anything animal related you should discuss within this board. Here are a few rules that need to be followed when using this board.

1 - No medical advice
Please do not ask for or give away any advice on how to take care of or treat animals who may be having medical problems. If you think that an animal you know may be having problems then we suggest you seek professional assistance.

2 - Limited fursona discussion
This board is not to be used for the creation, sale or trade of fursona related material.

2b - However...
Remarks as to what animals would make a cool fursona or talking about seeing your fursona in person would be acceptable as long as they don't interrupt the original purpose of a specific thread.

3 - No talk of illegal activity
This includes talk of abusing animals, the ownership of illegal animals and so on. Talk of illegal activity could be a bannable offense.

4 - Respect forum rules
It goes without saying that all of the forums main rules still apply within this board. Respect other members. Promoting violence or talking down to others will not be accepted.

Try to keep your topics original, make sure to check for already existing topics to be positive that there aren't similar ones already. That's all! We hope you will all enjoy this board and get a lot of use from it.
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