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Re: Teach me to draw D:
« Reply #20 on: April 10, 2016, 03:00:45 pm »
Just remember nobodies art starts out amazing and no matter how "good" you get most artist almost never like their own art. I've seen plenty of big name artist still hate their own art despite everybody loving it.
If you wanna improve just draw thats it, don't think about it just draw! Tutorials and using references help a lot, but just draw what you like whether you think it looks horrible or not, maybe post it online and ask for critique. You'll get better before you know it, I like looking at my old art sometimes. I don't realize how much I improve until I look at my old art and that is a confidence booster^^
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Re: Teach me to draw D:
« Reply #21 on: April 10, 2016, 11:10:19 pm »
I don't think anyone's mentioned this yet...
However I suggest buying the biggest sketch pad you can find. They say if you can draw nice and big it becomes easier to fit details. And if you fit more details its easy to simplify it when you make an image smaller.

(This might be jumping the gun a little. Not sure but see if this helps you:)
I suggest doing drawing exercises as often as possible:
At the bottom you'll see where it says Class mode. Switch that on (And also make sure to switch on decent mode or else you get a lot of un-required nudity).
(Even thirty minutes of this everyday is good for you I think.)
When you do the class mode you will see that you get a set sessions of drawing for thirty seconds, one minute, five minutes and finally 11 minutes.
You don't need to actually complete the drawing in 30 seconds. Just lay down the basics. (Like the ones you would see in a how to draw book, you would see stick figures and the sort.) One it gets to five minutes, and stuff start trying to flesh it out. Make it look more like a manequin.  Then on the eleven minute one see how much you can finish. (Also I recommend a graphite/charcoal stick (Like the rectangular block or charcoal stick/block). If you can't get your hands on one, a crayon (Like a crayola crayon) will do fine I think. I remember someone said and art school used it.) The purpose of these exercises is for you to get used to how the human body looks and works.
(For this reason there's sketchbooks that are grossly large, but has thin unbleached/whitened paper. You should use that paper).
 Also when you're doing the stick figures. Start out by copying a stick figure style. Like this:

And then modify it as you please. (Heck I draw two balls to represent but cheeks on my stick figures, which helps me draw legs and hips.)
(Oh yes a final hint when doing these things: DON'T FOCUS ON ONE AREA! Because by the time 30 seconds is up you want the skeleton of a human body as a whole, not just a kind of completed hand or a leg.)
Once you figure out what's troubling you, do a study (If everything troubles you just point at one random thing, then point at one area and start there). Let's say hands are hard to draw for you (Hands kill most beginning artists). Do a study. Basically go on google images search up hands and just draw them. And keep going at it.

Another tip, draw on a kind of a slanted surface.
This helps you avoid creating a drawing that's slanted  (Took me years to figure out this one). If you can't find one, when you're drawing constantly stand your drawing up. This helps prevent mistakes like tilting. Also don't be afraid to turn your paper, or move your body. The best stroke you get is when you move your whole arm and not just your wrist.

Once you understand how to draw people, it should be easier to draw furries.

Oh yeah, maybe this will inspire you just a little, here's where I started;

You can do it! Everyone can draw, it just takes patience and practice!
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