Author Topic: could someone draw my fursona..?  (Read 364 times)

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could someone draw my fursona..?
« on: April 23, 2017, 03:38:56 pm »
hello~! I couldn't decide to put this in general chatter or the arts so I'm just putting it here :p

so like I suck at drawing, and I don't wanna ask one of my art friend irl to draw Dawn cause they'd be like 'wtf that so weird I'm never talking to you again' so I'm wondering if any of the artists on here could draw her for me? I would appreciate it sooo much and even though I can't pay you in money for it ill find a way to repay you, and you will get FULL credit for the drawing.

So Dawn is a floppy-eared bunny, with mostly white fur. she has a black chest/stomach though, and various black spots on her body (kinda like cookies n cream ice cream ^^) and a black ring around her left eye.
her body type is like curvy/hourglass, and she has a very very fluffy tail ///you don't have to draw her whole body though it can just be like a headshot or upper body or whatever you're comfortable with <3) she has a very bubbly personality and loves talking and making new friends, and always has a smile on her face. if you happen to draw hair on her, she would have black hair. oh and also, she has black paws and feet, and black ears. thank you so much!!

(I'm so sorry if this doesn't fit any guidelines or rules...but from what I read it's fine. I just really want an avatar lol)
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Re: could someone draw my fursona..?
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2017, 03:45:10 pm »
We have an art request thread here!

However, you must be red level (10 posts!) to ask for something. This is not a guarantee that you'll get something, but, it's your best bet if you want free art.

Feel free to repost your info over there once you hit red level. ^^

(This does belong in Artwork, btw  :fox-:):)
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