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Adventure Quest 3D Pre-Beta
« on: April 13, 2016, 12:54:06 am »
So, none of you may know but I am long time player and fan of Battleon games (except AQW, screw that game) and so I recently found out, hey, thanks to me having paid membership in one of their games (Or, three, rather) I had access to the pre-beta build of Adventure Quest 3D.
So I thought, EEEEHHHH I might review it for you guys. Here goes.

AQ3D looks like a fairly typical sort of unity asset hack'n'slash RPG, there's nothing particularly stand out about it's graphics as a whole but that's good, the way the Battleon team have done the graphics really does evoke AQ in cubespace very well, and going for a flashy or overly specialised art style in the graphics would make the team look pretentious, AND make the game feel disconnected from it's origins. Which wouldn't be good.
For graphics I give AQ3D pre-beta a 7/10, they could do more to make the textures and model assets cleaner, but as long as they keep the style, it's good

This is where I think the game still wears it's pre-beta tag with pride. AQ3D has somewhat clunky gameplay, it's menu looks like it was made for mobile, and some of the combat controls feels like a sub-par mobile hack'n'slash which makes me think some of the work gone in is to optimise it for a tablet release as well? Or for touch computing at the very least. It's gameplay is solid enough, the combat works, the running around and jumping works, there's nothing bad, it just feels like it needs finishing and polishing, which is why I think it's fair for them to call it a pre-beta.
For gameplay, I give AQ3D's pre-beta a 5/10. It's a pre-beta and while some people may argue that I need to keep that in mind and be more gentle, I need to review the game, that currently costs money BTW, for what it is, not what it could be, 5 isn't bad, it's average, the game is playable.

AQ3D at the moment has bog standard fantasy music, nothing special. There have been some decent music pieces in the various Battleon games and I hope that AQ3D follows that trend but at the moment, the music is meeeh
For music, AQ3D gets a whopping great 4/10. It feels and sounds like placeholder music, and I hope that's all it is, but unless you need Two Steps from Hell to be able to play a game because you are an "Audiophile" it won't negatively impact your day.

Prep yourselves gentlemen, this ones gonna hoit.
$25. YEP, that's the price. $25. I could buy the fully finished (and might I add, incredibly fun) Shantae and the Pirates Curse for my XBone for that money. It's a pre-beta, but I think $25 is a bit much? I could understand $5-$7.50for the game? Maybe add like a bonus option for fans of the Battleon games to buy a package that adds more to the game and gives them bonuses like access to an exclusive class and items in game? I dunno I do not think the game is worth $25 though
For price, the AQ3D pre-beta gets a 1.5/10. It's not worth what they are charging but I can understand the idea of charging money for beta access. THAT BEING SAID, it's cheaper to get an AQ account and buy Guardianship for $20 so it could be easier to just do that.

So yeah, there's my review on the Pre-Beta version of AQ3D, I'll probably add to this topic when they release the Beta version and the full release. It has very clear promise and it is a little bit of dumb fun if you can bypass the moneygate like I did by being a guardian on AQ for the past 7 years.

Overall I gave AQ3D a solid 6/10, it shows real promise as a game but as is, it's nothing particularly special or stand out, it's just a bit fun. The ragdoll physics are comical so it gets bonus points for that.