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Darker than Black anime Review
« on: May 26, 2016, 06:11:00 pm »
This anime is more mature than most. Characters tend to dress up pretty decently for one. (Except towards the end, around there there's a person that keeps teleporting people by kissing them... And when I mean people, I mean just the person  minus the clothes. (But of course you never see anything).

The plot is about this world where people exist that have abilities like in the X-men, but they're hired by secret organizations to kill people. Usually they have a price to pay for doing so though. Like a person in order to fly, afterwards he has to break his finger. (Yeah but not all of them are harsh. Another person's price was to doggy ear all the pages in a book.)

The main character is unique, he has this mix of Batman and normalness... (Hard to explain.) It's almost like he has a split personality. The guy's name is Hai, a Chinese 'college' student that works kind of like an assasssin and a spy for his organization. He usually has this calm, stupid, and secluded personality. He smiles a lot and has a kind of a slacker look to his face. (He also is clumsy in this personality.) But when it gets to business, oh boy, he has a sudden twist like Samurai X. He has the ability to electrocute people and he uses throwing knives often.

Each episode has it's own plot, and there are a few episodes that are meant to be watched together as part of a single short arc.

Overall I liked it, I really like the MC. I don't like the fact that the show is more talking and drama, then action though. The action scenes aren't intense like Bleach or Naruto. But instead they're short, and filled with dialogue. A lot of character's are well developed and I really did take a liking to the main character.
Overall 8/10. The bad points of this show is the fights are super boring. Despite the fact that the main character is an assassin he usually does lots of flashy things and gets caught. (Honestly, he's become more of a one man army.) A lot of things aren't well explained either... (Like the thing that the show is based around, something called the Hell's gate. Whoever goes there, Dies. But my question is, by what? At one point you see a platoon of troopers go in with a scientist, and all that's left is the scientist who looks around scared, and sees blood marks everywhere.) (I forgot to mention, the main character also has, no price for his ability... Except he eats, A LOT!)
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