Author Topic: Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi ("The Town Where I Don't Exist" or "ERASED")  (Read 490 times)

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I've seen a variety of games and shows that use the concept of Chaos Theory (more commonly known as the Butterfly Effect) over the past year, but Erased did it in a different way, using time travel by sending the present consciousness to the past, although I know a game also used this concept and I found it interesting.

ERASED is plot heavy so without spoiling much the story follows Satoru Fujinuma who has the unique ability that he calls "Revival" what it does is that whenever an opportunity to stop a threat that affects someone has passed around Satoru, a blue butterfly flies onscreen and Satoru jumps back in time and to which he "finds the thing that seems out of place or wrong". The ability is a major factor of the story but one thing I did notice when watching was that they actually never fully explained how he has the ability.

The story is really interesting as it jumps back in time, allowing us to get a deeper understanding of Satoru as well as the people he's close to.

An interesting thing that was cool about the anime, aside from the plot was it's opening and the way it displays the show (I'llexplain what I mean). The opening actually changes in the final episodes which was actually symbolic towards what was happening on the story. Typically anime openings don't usually hold a meaning for the actual story (The things presented in the opening sequence is not really relevant to the story) but in this one, it did. But you'll have to watch it to get what I mean. :fox-:P:

The next thing is the way it actually displays the show. There are three noticeable styles the show is presented, fullscreen, widescreen, and widescreen with film borders. Fullscreen is used when Satoru is in the present, Widescreen when Satoru is in the past and Widescreen with film borders when Satoru recalls his original past. I didn't notice the difference till later on but that was a really interesting touch.

Overall the anime is incredibly interesting in terms of plot and characters, but it was made better with all the tiny details such as the opening and display style that made the show really engaging. :lol-fox:

9.5/10 Only because they didn't really explain where Satoru got his ability.
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Re: Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi ("The Town Where I Don't Exist" or "ERASED")
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Must watch list,

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