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Now You See Me 2
« on: June 15, 2016, 01:12:46 am »
What a fun movie this was!

If you saw and enjoyed the first movie, you will LOVE this one. When I saw the first, I was totally entranced by the quick pace, the excellent acting, the humour, and of course Morgan Freeman. It was the same sort of experience you feel when you go to an actual magic show, and the big reveal at the end was one of the greatest reveals I'm happy to have failed to predict.

Right up there with all the same magic and immersive atmosphere is the brand new Now You See Me 2, a wonderfully done continuation of the series featuring mostly the same cast, but with minor changes (for the better, I think). There is one scene in which the Horsemen need to steal a paper-thin chip, and they do so by sticking it to a playing card and totally flicking it around the room unnoticed. Scenes like these I could watch all day long, and I glad the movie ended when it did, or else I'd still be at the theater.

While the reveal at the end of this movie is easier to predict than the first's, I thoroughly enjoyed this installment just as much, if not more than the first.

I love it when a movie is just plain fun to watch. Here's hoping for a third! 10/10
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