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Fangs Of K'aath
« on: March 13, 2005, 11:24:00 am »

An enthralling fairytale in the "Arabain Nights" tradition - a tale for adults and the young at heart - a tale of filled with sinister powers, disguised princes, herem girls and scimitars.
In the Kingdom of Osra, on the shores of the Amu Daya, there is a city of ancient mystery. Here in the dusty markets, dwells a little storyteller: Sandhri, mistress of a thousand fleas and teller of ten thousand tales. Bewitching, gossiping, loveable, infuriating...
But when the begger girl falls in love with a handsome price, an ancient evil is awakened, a savage power that threatens to tear their worlds apart...


The first thing I realised about this book was the depth and passion that was obviously put into the writing of this book. After the first couple of chapters I found myself caring about the characters, a feat that many books fail to accomplish even after the whole story. Kidd somehow manages to draw a detailed picture of the setting without making the book heavy to read like books such as The Lord of the Rings

The story has something for everyone, it is a tale of love, war, adventure and politics. It had me gripped from cover to cover, Kidd does manage to throw in extras that make the book more interesting but manages to keep the story flowing. Definitely for older readers (15+ perhaps), the book does have many sexual references, some harsh language and many violent scenes, none of which seem to overwhealm the main story itself.

I'd recommend this book to anyone, but to members of the furry community I say this:



I had a bit of trouble getting this book, I couldn't even find a copy on ebay! Amazon stock it, but you will have to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery. The best way to get your paws on a copy is to buy it directly from the publisher at

For more details, check out Paul Kidd's website at

This is my first book report since school, please tell me what you thought!  :wink: