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DotA 2
« on: June 19, 2016, 07:25:15 pm »
DotA 2 is a MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) made by the company Valve. In this game, there are two sides, Radiant, and Dire, who fight to take control of three lanes. In these lanes, there are towers, barracks, and then eventually the Ancient (Commonly referred to as the throne) which must be destroyed to win. In the game, there are 112 Heros to play from. Each of these heroes have abilities (Four, but some have more) which can be used on other heroes or creeps (AI controlled characters that give gold and EXP).

-Long game time, can last from 30 minutes to an hour (Or longer but very uncommon).
-Non-linear gameplay, no two games are alike.
-You don't need a powerful PC to play.
     -Benchmark for old PC (1.7 ghrz, 6gb RAM, some sort of intel HD family graphics.
     -Min settings, worst: 47 FPS, Best: 172 FPS, Average 59 FPS.
     -Max settings, worst: 19 FPS, Best: 43 FPS, Average 28 FPS.
     - All at 1366x786
-Great graphics
-Not pay to win
-Free to play
-Constant updates.
-Great Mods

-Language barrier (Be prepared to be called "Cyka").
-Some heroes are OP until the next update.
-LARGE learning curve
-Takes a lot of space (>15 GB's)

Overall in my unbias(ish) opinion I give this game an 8/10

(Ask questions, I'll answer.)
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Re: DotA 2
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2016, 11:14:23 am »

This game mostly named the LoL's elder, so if you play LoL, it's kinda the same

Gonna leave ft until admin knows the real cancer of this site.

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