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How to Post Pictures- Tutorial
« on: June 20, 2016, 09:55:54 pm »
Since we get a lot of new members who are unsure how to post pictures I thought I'd put together a tutorial!

On the forum it's not possible to upload images directly from your computer/device. You will have to follow one of the two following methods to properly post images

Method 1: Upload to a photo hosting site

First you need to find an image hosting site you like
One's like Imgur and Photobucket work great, however there are many others out there you may use too. I'm going to use Imgur for this example
*please note that TinyPic is blocked here

Step 1: Find the upload button
Some sites require you to have an account, some don't but they should all have some type of upload button. Click it to bring you to the upload page

Step 2: Select the photos you want to upload
Somewhere on the upload page there will be a button for uploading photos from your computer, click it and select the photos you wish to upload

Step 3: Hit upload
Once you have selected the photos you want, hit the upload button to upload them to the site

Step 4: Select the link for forums
The name of this link varies from site to site but it should have the "img" tags surrounding it, most sites also have the purpose of each of the links labelled (choose the one that says for forums and blogs). If you can't find the forum link choose the direct link option and jump to Step 4 of Method 2

Step 5: Copy the link
Make sure you copy the entire link

Step 6: Create a new post and paste the link into it
Don't do anything else to the link, if there's something else you want to say in your post type above or below the link

Step 7: Hit post
Your photo should now be posted!

Method 2: By URL

Step 1: Find the image you want
Make sure the image isn't on Furaffinity as they don't allow hosting

Step 2: "full view" the image
The image should be the only thing on the page, if there's anything else (such as the website or other images) this method won't work, it must be on its own page.

If you are on google images click "view original image" to get to the empty page

It should look like this

Step 3: Copy the URL
The URL will be located near the top of the page, it's the area where you would type a website address in. Make sure you copy the entire URL

Step 4: Make a new post and select the image button
The image button is located in the panel of tools available when you make a new post. When you click it a set of image tags will appear in the text box of your post.

Step 5: Paste the URL in between these tags
Paste the URL we copied in step 3 in between these tags, make sure it's in between them

Step 6: Hit post
Hit the post button and your image should show up in your new post. If it doesn't appear double check that you posted the URL between the tags. If the URL is between the tags and still doesn't work then the website you got the image from likely doesn't allow hosting so revert to Method 1

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Re: How to Post Pictures- Tutorial
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2016, 01:32:37 am »
Literally right when I needed it, this appeared.
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Re: How to Post Pictures- Tutorial
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2016, 03:30:02 pm »
Nice idea mystic
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