Author Topic: Cheap Fursuit Commissions + Art Stuff  (Read 519 times)

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Cheap Fursuit Commissions + Art Stuff
« on: July 20, 2016, 07:24:43 pm »
Hello everyone! The last thread I made on here is super old and outdated, so I'm gonna put my NEWER commission information up here!

I've only gotten a few art commissions, but I'm really pushing to get my first fursuit commission!

For my fursuit commissions, all you have to pay for is supplies and enough to cover shipping costs! If you'd like a quote, they are completely FREE and I will work to find the cheapest supplies I can for your convenience! I'm not charging any sort of service fee until I get more interest. :)

I also offer payment plans for those who need it - but be warned, if you only pay for some of the supplies then I can only get some of your fursuit worked on!

I will do fullsuits and partials, or just bits and pieces that you might need!

Full Partial (head, tail, feet and handpaws) and fullsuit commissioners will get a FREE additional character badge AND digital ref sheet!

Some Examples of my work (these are my first two fursuit partials I've ever made! Pretty good for a beginner, don't ya think?)

___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ________________________________

My art commissions are relatively cheap, so please take a look! I'll just include this link below with all of my available commissions (which also include some base prices for fursuit stuff - but don't mind them too much!)

___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ________________________________

Please contact me outside of FurryTeens if you have any questions - I don't come on here often. My Skype name, DeviantART, and FurAffinity are all on my page. You are also welcome to email me - I check my emails every day.

Thank you!
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