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Wolves Den Furry TF2 Server
« on: July 27, 2016, 01:03:10 pm »
I've currently been running a server for tf2 for a few months now. Its a server focused on having fun and relaxing while socializing with fellow furs rather than serious game play.

Server is currently medium population and often stays around the 12+ players mark for many parts of the day with peaks into the 20's. I'm hoping some people from here will help the server grow even more!

Some features of this server:

  • Focused on fun type maps, you wont find stock maps here.
  • We have a model manager. This allows you to play as furry skins such as Fox Scout. :fox-;):
  • Play time is rewarded with our store plugin. Buy  species titles EX: [Wolf ♂] Maliwolf. Species titles are close to free, other things such as chat colors and other fun commands will cost more store points.
  • Use any taunt in the game without owning it for free.
  • We use a say sounds plugin. type in key word into chat and a fun sound will play.
  • Game modes can be voted such as Pyro Dodgeball or TF2WARE.
  • Have a kill streak weapon? use !kson to enable its full glow effect
  • This is a heavily modified server with many plugins such as Roll the Dice, Shapeshift (change class outside of spawn) along with many others that add uniqueness to the server.
  • A non abusive admin team. I don't tolerate admin abuse. If you feel an admin has abused his powers, please report that to me.
  • We currently have a discord server with over 65 members.
You can join us by adding   to your favorites list.
You can also copy paste this into your browser: steam://connect/

We also have a basic steam group with 230+ members: