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short stories..
« on: July 28, 2016, 10:47:01 am »
I'm gonna post my short stories here.. finished and unfinished XP
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Re: short stories..
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2016, 11:24:35 am »
story 1 "the man" and the sandcastle (sorry not sorry for lack of punctuation and capitalization lol)

castellin the treinkion decided to make a sandcastle. the sand was piled high towards the sky.
im gonna make dis da best sand castle eva. As the castle started to form the little ant like creatures crawled in to the windows and decided to sunbathe. Yet the castle seemed to grow bigger and bigger at an natural amount as sand was added. Soon the castle was as wide as large shed and slightly taller than a shed.
hmm said castellin, this is a little wierd.

as castellin was finishing off the castle moonspark the alkareon (winged yellow creature) came up to them. Hey hey said, thats a real nice castle.

Oh thanks said castellin, i dunno why it got this big but I guess i put lotsa work in
Oh why dont ya try and step inside, looks so chill in there
yea maybe but there are ants in there
uhh okay, but just a quick peek wouldnt harm
ok lets go in together

they both stepped inside
it was cool and damp slightly dark as the windows were a little small
suddenly the sand sucked them into the ground
they fell into a deep pit

what exclaimed moonspark! is this a trap of some sort?
Uh maybe sighed castellin

welcome to our humble abode said the insect king
we saw our talent back there and we wanted to ask for some help with our construction could you help us?

well we might wanna get back soon said castellin
oohh please whined the insect king
it wont take too long
and we can give you something precious of ours in return
well what do ya think wheezed moonspark, ya can do what you want i'm gonna go now anyway
uh.. okay bye i guess i'll help but only for a short while
ok excitidily spoke the king let me take you to see our plans

see we wanna build these little rooms out of soil and mold them
I can help I guess
thank you very much

as castellin picked up the soil they molded it quickly
soon it ws time to go
good work said the insect king.. here is a golden egg as a reward
there was a scream
uhh you better go now said the king
castellin walked towards the sound
a green insect at the ceremony was seen next to fire
what.. is that..
look i'll help you
wait thats our sacrifice
castellin took the green insect and run
an army of insect followed
wait this hole is kinda hard to climb

moonspark was back and held the two in their beak and flew up and out with their wings
I was just investigating the hole and how it was made and i thought i come back to check on ya
thanks for the help
they escaped and were back at the beach

phew that was close said castellin
the green insect thanked them and scuttled off
well lets go home now.
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Re: short stories..
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2016, 11:17:53 am »
A long time ago lived a small aligator who liked to drink tea
Yup all they would drink was tea because they didnt like water. Ever since that accident where they drunk half a bath tub of water as a dare.
Its ironic cos tea contains water but hey thats just how they were.

One day a small girraffe decided to go see this alligator. The girraffe was scared cos it had a good chance of being eaten but that did not matter as it had a good deal to gain from meeting the alligator who was known to live a very unusual lifestyle. The girraffe brought a gift wrapped in a box containing some food for the gator as well as a new neck tie for them.

(Unfin story ha ha)

Anyway what is life about do u think said castellin

Well we live breathe and enjoy life I guess. In my case I enjoy nothing more than just swimming around and exploring, life is just an adventure.

But is there anything more?

You know when people say that i think they as people are looking to fufil themselves. They feel like somethings missing because they are not in tune with things. If you open your eyes the world is such an amazing place.

You know what? I like adventures too and exploring and trying to find new things. I always look for novel things to do and see. Discovery is something I go through everyday and life can almost sometimes feel like a musical with all the ups and downs, build ups and climaxes. I enjoy every single thing I do yet I still feel like something is missing dont you?

What dont you like? Do you not like me perhaps ha ha?

No of course I like you.

I was just joking of course.
( a passage from something i was writing agessss ago)

Alligator came down the stairs. Whatever is the matter young girl? What are you doing?
Just sitting down looking at nothing.
Nothing what is that, said the aligator while grinning.
I dont know, do you?
Nah not really, how do you define it, very hard indeed.
So why you here anyway.
Well im a bit hungry, will you come with me to the kitchen.

So what you gonna eat.
Oh anything, preferbly something  like (you..)
You want me to give you some food.
Uh ok
How about lemonade?
Hey that aint edible, ill eat you little..
How about cookies?
Well ok...

These cookies are good.
Yeh thats good.
Better than what I had in mind.
What is that.
Dunno cant remember.
( wrote this quite a while ago too)
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