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Faithfull's Ship Logs: No Man's Sky
« on: August 15, 2016, 01:30:16 am »
Date: 8/15/2016
Days since last log entry: 0

Hello? Is this thing on? Hey, Faithfull here, owner/previous owner of this ship, type Gosekinoo S49. I've been traveling across space for a solid few days now, and have already come across a good deal of crashed ships, heck this one I'm using now was one of them, fixed the ol'girl up nice and good though, as well as installed a some new tech. Anyways, I'm babbling here, after seeing so many ships like that, I started to wonder, "what if I ended up like that? Who would find my ship? What would become of my legacy?" (Granted I'm not much of a legend, but I got family you know? I'd want them to know what my life ended up like.) So, that's why I decided to start a Log. Anyways, If you are interested, listen in, maybe I can keep you company on the cold, lonely nights out here in the infinite of space. Anyways, that's it for my introduction, I'll get into actual specifics next time, stuff like my current inventory, unit count, and distance from my goal of reaching the center of the universe. Maybe even a few stories of the pirates I've fought, or the places I've been.. But that's later. Peace be unto you, and may you thrive in life, and live on a legend in death.

Faithfull out.

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(ok just a quick explanation of what this is.. I recently got ahold of the newly released "No Man's Sky" and fell in love with it so much I wanted to possibly do a YouTube series on it, problem is, not good at editing vids, and don't have a screen capture yet xP Also i'd be starting at point where I already got so far. So I figured written form works even better, and decided to do this on both here and Deviantart. Ill do both for a bit, but only do Deviantart if this don't interest a few of you here. Anyways, feel free to comment, ask questions, give suggestions, anything really. Hope it goes well  :fox-:): )
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