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Art Trade anyone?
« on: August 25, 2016, 01:19:21 am »
heya, professional grade 100% great artist here
I just got a squak and I'm stuck on drawing it rn. Would anyone wanna draw them for some art from me? You can draw them in any way you'd like, just please stick to the original design, and nothing nsfw.
here's the bab

Don't expect anything fancy. The most I'll do for art is a colored headshot, but if you'd like anything else in sketch form, we can arrange things.
I'd prefer more experienced artists to trade with, but if you're looking for some practice, then feel free to join in too!
Comment below if you'd like to arrange something! If you're not an artist, or you're just lazy, but you would still like some art from me, my commissions are open! Check my DeviantArt or Fur Affinity for more information~
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