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★ Panda ★:
Hello! We are excited to announce a new feature: Pride Flags for your signatures!

This field (found in your Forum Profile settings) allows you to display a pride flag of your choice, next to the pronouns field. The use is simple: find the code for the flag you'd like in the list below, and enter that code in the field.

Right now, we only allow for one at a time, though we realize you may want to display several flags. This is still a work in progress, so suggestions are welcome, and keep in mind things may change a bit! Thank you, and enjoy the new field  :lol-fox: Special thanks to MysticSolstice for the icons, and everyone who discussed this idea a year ago <3

Please note: This is meant to be a celebration of your identity, and not an invitation for anything else. Our "not a dating site" policy still stands firm, so please do not abuse this field.

Gender Identities
- agender
- androgynous
- bigender
- demiboy
- demigirl
- genderfluid
- genderqueer
- intersex
- neutrois
- nonbinary
- pangender
- transgender

Sexuality and Romantic
- abrosexual
- androsexual
- aromantic
- asexual
- bisexual
- cupiosexual
- demiromantic
- demisexual
- gay
- graysexual
- greyromantic
- gynesexual
- heteroflexible
- homoflexible
- lesbian
- nonmonogamous
- omnisexual
- panromantic
- pansexual
- polysexual
- polyamorous

Don't see yours on the list? Contact a staff member or post here to put in a request. Please include an image of the flag with your request so we're sure to put in the correct one.
We will not be implementing a straight pride flag.

some of the flags don't seem to show on my computer?
(or maybe its a personal computer problem argh)

Sirius the Manokit:
This is so cool!!! I'll start using them ASAP!  :fox-:P:

eee this makes me so happy ;u;
I'm glad this was added

These are so cool! Thanks for adding this feature!


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