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Halloween themed icon giveaway!
« on: September 10, 2016, 01:11:09 pm »
Since people seemed to enjoy these raffles I'm doing another one :fox-:P: this time I am going to give away 1 Halloween themed icon by Nyogart on fa!

This is what they look like (not my character)
Here's how Faye turned out:


-must be red level or above (10+ posts)

-no whining, complaining or begging, especially if you don't win, since these are commissions that involve money I just can't afford to give everyone one as much as I would like to :c

-most species can be done, I have commissioned icons of all my sonas with their previous icon types and they had no problem with their designs

-must have a ref or drawing of your character! Even if it's just some lineart you colored in. As long as it shows your characters colors/markings youre good regardless of skill level. (If traditional please include digital color swatches). Please link your ref in your comment (just saying use my icon is not ok for this since the artist needs a full ref)

-give a user from the forum a 3-5 sentence compliment to enter. Don't compliment me and preferably give someone who isn't your friend or mate a compliment since that's really easy

A minimum of five valid eateries are needed for me to draw. There's no point with only a couple of people participating

This will end on the end of Saturday September 17th, I'll make a post saying its closed

If you win I will contract the artist to work out the details. Please do not bug them or me for updates

I also have my free base Halloween icons that you can check out (yes you can participate in both the raffle and the free base icons)
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Re: Halloween themed icon giveaway!
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2016, 09:33:12 am »
Is this still going on?
If so I'd like to join
So here is my ref!! Thank you for holding this Edit: I can do another Sona if they can't do a moth

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