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Art Advice
« on: October 21, 2016, 12:49:40 pm »
So, I wanna make examples of my work, to show people what I can do, in hopes of getting commissions. But, I only have one OC, and it's not that visually interesting, so I can't use my own character. Plus, I don't have many interests in terms of games, and I don't watch TV. I'd offer them for free, but then everyone would come. I've tried offering them for $6, but that was too much, even when I lowered it to $2, there were still no buyers. Nobody will trade with me because I have no examples of my new style, only my old style, which I am not proud of.
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Re: Art Advice
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2016, 01:18:16 pm »
You can just make up new characters or drew random animals and use those as exampe art.
You can also look at free adopts if you have no ideas or motivation to make new characters^^

You can also do requests, its free so you DON'T have to finish all or even any of them if you don't want to' Just pick whatever character interest you the most and you think you might have fun drawing ^^
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