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What better way to celebrate my 400th post than to write a review about my favorite games of all time.

So anyway, starting with War for Cybertron.
War for Cybertron focuses on Megatron's attempt at harnessing dark energon so that he can corrupt the core of Cybertron, the Transformer's home planet, and take it over for himself. Meanwhile, the Autobots do their best to prevent this from happening, and fail, which I'll get to.
Anyway: First of all, I'd like to talk about the characters and dialogue in the game. All of the characters were great, and one thing that really made me happy is that you got to play as some characters that aren't widely recognized, like Warpath. The dialogue is well written and feels natural. It can be serious, or hilarious, and the voice actors do a wonderful job of portraying their characters. My favorite character from the game was definitely Megatron, due to how badass and hilarious he could be("I can't believe it's Megatron!" "The honor is all yours."). The visuals of the game are also wonderful. There are moments where I would stand for a moment and just look at all the beautiful destruction of the war torn planet. However, some levels tend to look the same as the others. Finally, the gameplay. It mostly consists of shooting, but the large variety of guns that are available make it never get boring. You can also use melee attacks, or shoot people in vehicle mode. There are also many types of grenades with different abilites. I give them game 9/10 because I adore it but it isn't quite perfect.

Now Fall of Cybertron, the sequel, does everything War for Cybertron did, but better. This game is the most fun I've ever had in my experience with video games, whether it be the amazement of commanding the titan Metroplex, playing as the combiner Bruticus, or setting all of my enemies on fire as fricking GRIMLOCK, and I couldn't ask for a better Transformers game. Unlike WFC, Fall of Cybertron lets you play as one character for each level, rather than letting you pick one of three characters. This is actually a great thing, as each character you play as has their own unique set of skills and abilities and each level is designed around that character. If you're playing as good ol' Optimus, he has his typical guns(and Metroplex), so nothing special. But when you play as Cliffjumper, you can use your cloaking techniques and sneak attacks to sneak your way around a Decepticon facility(hardest level in the game, oh my god), or use Grimlock's sword, shield, and fire breath to blast and smash your way through your opponents. Grimlock's level of the game had soooooo many jokes referencing to the 1986 movie, it was so wonderful to watch all the Dinobots interact with each other. Like I said for the last game, the dialogue in this game is great too. Funny, serious, sad, angering, etc.. The visuals of this game, like WFC, were lovely. The environments in each level were all unique, spanning from vast city scapes to old abandoned factories covered in rust(because it was literally in the Sea of Rust lol). There were times, like in WFC, that I'd just stop playing for a moment to look at everything in the background. And the gameplay is sooooooo much fun. All the different characters you can play (especially grimlock and bruticus) with all their different abilities/perks/etc. make each level exciting, and it never gets old. I give FOC a 10/10 because I love it to death
Also, the character designs for both games were great too. If you stop to watch long enough, you can see lots of little thingies moving and spinning on your character, like their wheels

tl;dr war for cybertron and fall of cybertron are great games lol
also I posted something else while i was writing this so i guess it isnt my 400th post anymore
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