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Election Year Reminders
« on: November 09, 2016, 02:21:01 pm »
Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, I find its necessary to make this post as some questionable discussion has already started
 There are NO new policies here, just reminders of how you all should be conducting yourselves:

  • ABSOLUTELY NO INFLAMMATORY POSTS. This includes harassing others, insulting their intelligence, questioning their morals, etc. It is possible to debate candidates without personally insulting others
  • Following that, absolutely no harassment will be permitted. Anyone found to be harassing another member regarding this election, on-site or off-sitr, will be permabanned.
  • Our one-strike policy holds strong. This is a trying time for some of is, so any hate speech (LGBT, racism, sexism, etc.) will be dealt with and warnings issued. Depending on the severity, bans will be issued.
  • No discussions of violence towards candidates, even in a joking manner, is permitted.

And finally, we ask that you keep all political discussion in the appropriate threads in debate/discussion. You can have brief conversations in other threads, as normal, but keeping it all in one place makes it easier to moderate. We will be cleaning up posts shortly.

This thread will remained locked as this is not up for debate. For specific questions, please contact a staff member.

Thank you!
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