Author Topic: My opinion on Bluestar's prophecy  (Read 267 times)

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My opinion on Bluestar's prophecy
« on: December 10, 2016, 10:08:14 am »
If you do not know what warriors is, warriors is a book series written by a team of four talented ladies who had called themselves "Erin Hunter."
If you do not like my opinion, state why and give me valid points as to why you don't like it. Just don't be rude though.

I honestly started to actually read this book in 6th grade when I needed to take quizzes in ar, and I remember liking it. After reading the first time I had moved on to read more from the warriors series. I had recently re-read Bluestar's prophecy after I had watched a lot of "defending Thistleclaw" type videos. I had gone into this, trying to be neutral between the two characters "Thistlclaw" and "Bluefur/star." In the end of reading this book, I had realized something.
That despite the "big story," this book is written HORRIBLY. I had recently read this Journal about Thistleclaw, and at one point it had said that Vicky Holmes had really hated Thistleclaw. If you read through this book, it is no lie that this blind hate REALLY shows and seems to ruin the entire book. Everyone in the story is basically treating Bluestar as though she's a precious baby, and then when Thistleclaw comes along and ruins that streak, he's suddenly labeled as "bloodthirsty and ambitious." What I don't like about this book is the horrible treatment of Thistleclaw with no punishment whatsoever for Bluestar, and often horrible actions of her being met with only praise. Yes, you could say that Bluestar had lost everything, but that was HER choice in the first place. Along with Thistleclaw going through the same thing after he had lost his sister, mate, and kit. This book tries desperately to get you to hate Thistleclaw when really he doesn't deserve it. I give this book a 2/10 because of Vicky Holmes' horrible characterization in this book.
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