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General Info (Post Rank, Cookies, Special-Access Boards)
« on: January 07, 2017, 06:15:09 pm »
Post Rank

There is a ranking system based on your postcount, which controls your PM inbox size limit, and other small things.  Here are the numbers needed to reach each rank, with the PM limits in parenthesis:

0-9:  New Member (PM Limit:  10)
10-99:  Red (30)
100-249:  Orange (50)
250-499:  Yellow (75)
500-999:  Green (100)
1000-1999:  Blue (150)
2000-4999:  Purple (200)
5000+:  Forum Elder (Unlimited)

You must be Red Level to:
- Access & post in the Spam board
- Post in our Art Request thread
- Give "cookies" (see below)

To prevent artificially inflated post counts, posts in the Spam board do not count toward total posts. Additionally, posts in the New Members board don't count either, to encourage new users to be active in other areas of the site.

Staff Positions
There are also staff/special ranks, which are manually assigned, and do not change based on post count.  They're explained here


What are "Cookies"?
Cookies are a fun reputation system. If a member posts something you like, you can give them a cookie to let them know their post was appreciated  :fox-:P:

How do I give cookies?
Under the "Cookies" line next to each post, there's a link labeled "Give Me A Cookie!".  Clicking this link will give the user +1 cookies.  However, to prevent abuse, the link only shows up once you have a postcount of 10 or higher.

When I give cookies, does it reduce my own cookie count?
Nope! Once you have cookies, they can't be removed, unless an administrator tampers with the database. Giving a cookie to another user effectively creates a "new" cookie, much like baking your own batch at home and giving them to friends.

Can anyone take away my cookies?
Nope.  We experimented with this initially, but due to abuse, we decided to make it a reward-only system.  So, cookies can only be given.  And if you feel that someone shouldn't have a cookie, just don't give them one.

Can I find out who gave me cookies?
Nope. The cookie system is designed to be anonymous, so there's no interface to find out where your cookies came from.

The cookies were changed to something else!
Sometimes, we temporarily change them to another treat because of holidays, or just for fun.

:cookie: Enjoy your cookies! :cookie:

Special-Access Boards

In addition to the public boards, this site contains several boards that are accessible by requesting to join the board's group.  Feel free to join as many as you want, but be aware that many of them have unique requirements and additional rules/guidelines on top of the regular site rules.  You may manage your usergroups here:;area=groupmembership

The Gender Blender
Description:  A safe space for transgender and gender-variant members, and for the confidential, supportive discussion of gender issues.
Requirements:  Open to anyone who can respectfully discuss gender issues and maintain confidentiality.
If you are cisgender (a.k.a. not transgender): Please provide a solid explanation of why you would like access. "I like to hear about gender issues"/"I like to provide support" doesn't cut it.

Description: A safe space for users to discuss their religious beliefs and traditions without fear of judgement. This board is open to ALL religions. There is no debate allowed in this board, only discussion and respectful questions.
Requirements: Open to anyone who can respectfully discuss religion. (Anyone with a history of religion-related flaming or baiting will be denied.)
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Re: General Info (Post Rank & Cookies)
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2017, 07:06:13 pm »
Hello everyone!

The staff have received some questions regarding the forum elder rank and we'd like to clear it up for everyone.

Forum Elder is NOT a staff position. It is a post count rank like the colour levels. Forum Elders are normal users just like you. They do not have any special powers or authority. They are not involved in the running of the site and therefore they do not represent the site.

This is the full list of our staff. Staff members have all purple or blue pips under their usernames so you can easily identify them ^^

If you have a question about the site, have a question, need clarification of the rules, are having issues with another user or need help with anything else please talk to a staff member.
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Re: General Info (Post Rank, Cookies, Special-Access Boards)
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2018, 02:25:05 pm »
Hello! Staff has received some questions about how to use the PM feature, so we'd like to answer a few commonly-asked questions about PMs!  If you communicate through PM and have a limited amount of PM space, hopefully this reminder will be useful. ^^ If you need any clarifications, feel free to message any of the staff members and we'll be more than happy to help.

What is my inbox limit and how is it determined?
Your inbox limit is based on the amount of posts that you have. The higher your post rank is, the more PMs you can have at a time.

Please refer to this:

0-9:  New Member (PM Limit:  10)
10-99:  Red (30)
100-249:  Orange (50)
250-499:  Yellow (75)
500-999:  Green (100)
1000-1999:  Blue (150)
2000-4999:  Purple (200)
5000+:  Forum Elder (Unlimited)

What happens when my inbox is full?
If your inbox is full, you have reached the limit of PMs you can store in the inbox. For example, if you are a red-level member, you can only store 30 PMs at a time. This does not mean that your inbox is full until you reach the next level; it simply means that you cannot receive any more messages until you clear the inbox.

How do I clear my inbox?
There are multiple ways you can clear the inbox! The first way is by selecting the white boxes that appear to the very top and right corner of the message. That way, you can choose which messages you want to delete and which ones you want to save.

At the top of the PM feature, there is a list of your incoming messages. This picture shows the white box that you press to delete the message. In order to delete the message, press onto the white box. A check mark should appear. At the bottom of your list of messages, there is a blue button that says "Remove Selected". Go ahead and press that button, and the message is deleted!

You can also delete a large amount of messages at a time by using the "Prune Messages" feature!

Does BBCode work in PMs?
Yes, BBCode and the FT emotes work in PMs!

Please take note that you cannot send more than 60 PMs within a 30-day period. This might result in a warning, or a temporary PM ban!
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