Author Topic: Attention to all furs who would attend a convention in Portland, Oregon!  (Read 534 times)

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Hey all! While it is planned to be a good while into the future, there have been rumblings of a potential con situated in Portland, OR. There's one issue in particular with planning that I'm asking you for help on.
To quote the PDXFurs mailing list:
"One final thought that seemed to go over well when brought up at
first: A kids' tract. If you guys wanted it, I'd happily get parents
and the like to help staff it. There could be costuming, face
paining, cartoons, and the like for the kids of furs, and those 15 &
under... Mabye even their own pizza party for the kids & parents to
mix & mingle?"
On that note, anyone who fits under that demographic or thinks they could speak for us, let me know any ideas you have.
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