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PSA Regarding Forum Elder & Post Quality
« on: January 16, 2017, 02:56:49 pm »
Hello everyone!

The staff have noticed lately that there's a lot of misconceptions about post counts and what they actually mean. So, we'd like to clear some things up:

Post counts are meant to be fun
It's supposed to be fun to see yourself or your friends "level up" and to see all the pretty colored paws around the forum. That's the only reason why we have post counts, for fun.

High post counts do not give you a higher status on the forum
Having a lot of posts doesn't make you more important or more respected than other members. Everyone here is important and valued regardless of the number of posts that appear under their avatar.

A high post count does not make you more eligible for a staff position
Someone isn't automatically a good candidate because they have 2000+ posts. Similarly, someone with a small post count isn't necessarily a poor candidate. Our full list of requirements can be found here. However, we can assure you post count is rarely, if ever, discussed when looking for a moderator candidate. Post quality and content is always the most important thing.

Forum Elder is just another level
We know there's been some obsession with being "the first forum elder". Being a Forum Elder is the same as being a member of any of the other post levels. You get some new pips and more message space in your inbox but that's it. It doesn't give you a special status or any special powers. It is not something worth spamming to achieve.


Please, think before you post. We have noticed an increase in spammy posts lately, particularly in Anger Management, and we kindly ask that you stop. Just because you can technically create a three-word post doesn't mean you should. The Anger Management threads, along with all other non-Spam threads, are there for a specific purpose, so please do not use them as a loophole to increase your post count. Not only are spammy posts heavy on the server, they're also unfair to members wanting to use this forum for extended discussion.

Thank you for your understanding, and please let us know if you have any questions :lion: 
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