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Introduce your Sonas / OCs
« on: December 29, 2017, 09:10:10 pm »
I thought I'd make a thread where people gave short and sweet bios on their characters, or to introduce a new one! This is different from "Fursonas" thread because I feel that's mainly for showing off art, I think. This is to talk about character info and personalities, and introduce both new and old OCs to FT.

I have a lot, some of them you know, but I wanted to tell you about my normal OCs as well <3


Kipekee Reddington: A playful winged foxdog hybrid. She's goofy, awkward, and friendly. Shes a lot like me, so whatever a big part of me is, it's also gonna be a part of her. Her favorite things are art, American patriotism, sushi, and nature! Her name means Unique in Swahili <3

Tabbystar: my oldest character that I still use, she's my secondary main sona. She's a Warrior Cats OC turned anthro. She's a classic tabby cat who is incredibly innocent, goofy, and friendly. Her personality is basically the entire pastel aesthetic if it were a person. Emotional af. She's an artist like me.

Dani Tracy: AKA Daniel or Dianne, a genderfluid pirate deer, my alt sona. They act like grumpy grump but have a really soft heart. They don't like their crew and miss their ol' man. They like anime. He's secretly kind of a goof.

Bahari Maua: my newest alt sona! She's a colorful, pudgy otter who likes to surf and swim. She's Hawaiian-themed. She's a work in progress, but she's a pretty nice girl who likes flowers, shells and seafood so far! Her name translates to Ocean Flower <3

----Main OCs----

Passion: a wolf who really loves music. She's really chill  and wise beyond her years, and she gives good advice. She seems intimidating in the "cool and I want to talk to them, but don't know how" way, and dresses like a punk, but she's actually really calm. She dyed her hair pink and has a music note tattoo- because she can. Her best friends and caretakers are Bridget and Jay, the two winged wolves.

Crookednose: a Persian cat with a bent nose and unfortunately suffers from a mood disorder and low self esteem stemming from bad body image and bullying, but she's working on getting better the best she can! She's quiet and insecure, but she's still very nice and her friends are trying to help her love herself just as much as they love her as their friend.

Rose J. Fox: a tomboy red fox, she's really loud, impulsive, and rowdy. She's a huge gamer girl, poor, and works as a thief. She loves her sister, Cherry to bits.

Mackerel: Tabbystar's twin brother! He's a mackerel tabby cat and a lot like her, but he's a tad more of a thinker than a feeler. He's a movie critic, and loves France! His best friend and crush is a wolf named Lucas.
Firewind: she's a sassy LaPerm cat with a huge attitude. Really feminine but also really, really confident. However, she has a big ego, and she's not always the nicest to people.

----Major OCs----

Kirby: a blue cat from space! She's a natural rulebreaker and makes a living out of causing mischief. She loves food and doesn't go anywhere without her laser & portal beam.

Kitkip Mikaoo: a bat-winged coyfox, she's a hunter and messenger girl. She's a psychopath and lives alone in the woods. To others, she seems overly loud, crazy, and energetic. Kipekee's cousin, but they are nothing like each other.

Rayne Luiinali: an emo maned wolf running from home. She has a tragic backstory, I'm not gonna lie. She's a sarcastic jerk but other characters are making sure she shapes up because they do not approve of her attitude lmao. Her sister Sol makes her feel grumpy.

Drake Drew: a skater lizard boy who just wants to be cool. Is really into outdated trends and memes, and isn't as cool as he thinks he is. Even if he's awkward though, he's a nice guy and he just wants to be himself.

----Minor OCs----

Greyson: a wingless dutch angel dragon. He was bullied a lot in his childhood and now he's really grouchy and isn't very gentle with himself. Since he met his girlfriend Dawna though, he has been walking on a better path and he's now a hippie and is feeling happier, one step at a time (that sentence sounds so weird rofl, but it's true)

Blink: a glitch demon whose powers are related to technology and corruption. He's suffering a identity crisis and is using his demon power and mad computer science to fix it- however at the expense of other people.

Nicael: he's a masked demon taking the form of a fennec fox, but he's the nicest demon you'll ever meet.

Juno: a feline-appearing creature from an alien race exploring other planets and gathering information on them. Her current mission is Earth. She's a technician and helicopter pilot.

Scarface: the local creepy kid, a kytseikeru. Likes 80's horror, collecting creepy artifacts, and wears a prosthetic mask.

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Re: Introduce your Sonas / OCs
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2017, 10:46:06 pm »
I have a loottt of characters tbh. but these are my main. most of them are human. ill just give a tiny bio and link their's

-- Fursonas/Sonas --
Avery: My main fursona. Sloth, Based on me in every way.

Marble: Secondary fursona. More girly, sweet moth girl.

Vakai: My aliensona. They're my own made up species called the Aneryian.

Luka: My dogsona. Bull terrier.

Lumi: My wolfsona. I love her alot tbh.

Ghostlie: My catsona. Pure white cat with black eyes.

Florence: Horsesona. Sweet mare, carriage horse.

-- Characters --
Dollie and Owlman: My main masked babs. TW: their stories are really messed up. and

Athena: Another main bab. A badass girl who loves red. TW: more messed up stuff.

Codi Anne: My character for my zombie apocalypse story. Has a pitbull named Apollo. TW: some sad backstories.

Blue Nova: My superhero girl. Cosmic manipulation, part alien. Dad is a villain, but she's a hero.

Zerro: Supervillain. I don't have much on him, but I like his design.

Dreamia: My main vampire girl. I created her on skyrim beforehand lol. pretty evil.

Winter: My witch girl. Albino, very sweet and misunderstood.

Chelsea: Chelsea is my chill, surfer character. I use her when i'm feeling...beachy?

Faerydae: One of my mains. A human girl living in a fantasy medieval setting. Becomes a dame/knight for elves. Needs updating badly.

Gloom and Giggles: More masked characters. Giggles is a clown, Gloom is a demon Mime.  Not much is made of them as of yet.

Madeline and Jonah: Two of my characters that live in the 1950s. In a relationship. and

Sonny and Mason: My younger characters. Based them off the movie Coraline and other Laika movies. Sonny is never seen without her rain coat and is vry sweet, and Mason always wears a jason mask. Bios are and

Sidney and Zoey: Two sisters. Zoey is artistic and nice, and Sidney is a cook and strict. and

Alex: Set in the future, Alex is my futuristic girl obsessed with the 90s. She wears a headset much like the VR which is basically a nearly wireless computer. Bio is a wip yet again.

Silvia: Another vamp girl. Chill and lazy. I don't have much info on her as of yet.

Caroline: I haven't made her a or even a ref. She's my character set in an asylum. Very original, I know.

Lucan: My werewolf boy. Strong and big, but super sweet. Don't have anything about him yet. eh

Shiloh: Forensic scientist, Wiccan. Sensitive, Stubborn, Ambitious, and wants justice for all.

-- OC's --
The only OC's I have anymore are my Harry potter OC's and my Skyrim one.
Claudia: My main harry potter oc. Ravenclaw, a bit of a show-off, Shy, Intelligent, Polite.

Lindsey: My other harry potter oc. Slytherin, clever, ambitious, but a huge pushover and sensitive.

Nephiah: Skyrim OC. a dark elf thief, dark brotherhood. Energetic, Loud and manipulative. Don't have a as of yet.

Sorry for that huge wall of text. geez. I have a lot of characters, and even some i didnt mention. Sorry for the really short bios, i have so many that it's hard thinking of one for each lol

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