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iPad Air Issue
« on: January 29, 2017, 10:46:00 pm »
I currently use an iPad Air for all my internet needs. I've discovered plenty of instances when my iPad would have trouble loading an app or performing certain actions. It even crashed while updating once. Normally though, the issues cause no problem. I've looked at my crash logs in the "Diagnostics and Usage Data" section of my privacy settings and I've found several logs, mostly titled "JetsamEvent" and "" with the date and time. These logs all relate back to the R.A.M. and the C.P.U. For example, when my iPad crashed while updating to the latest version of iOS, the crash log stated that it used 79% of my C.P.U.'s processing power in just a short ammount of time. I'm concerned that this may be an issue with my iPad, especially since it crashed while updating. It also crashes when I start many apps, usually when it comes off the SpringBoard (the main screen). I can't even play most of the games I've bought on my iPad without it having some sort of over-usage error. I find it rather annoying. I'm wondering if any of you may have the same or a similar issue with Apple devices in general and if there's anyway I could possibly resolve these issues.
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Re: iPad Air Issue
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2017, 05:00:24 pm »
I don't really know what's causing the problem. If there's an Apple Store or authorized retailer nearby, they could fix it for you. If you don't, you could possibly get it replaced for free. I would also suggest you also put this in the Apple Forums if you haven't already because they generally have lots of technical knowledge.
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