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Can I have your opinion on this?
« on: February 19, 2017, 12:18:32 am »
Okay, so this is the plot for a book I am planning to write, I made it on on a candid writing prompts when someone posted, ""Your the young Heir to the throne, your advisors are planning to to advantage to you newness, your enemies ready to take your land. What do you do?"" So, I'd like some constructive criticism please =)

I would put all my advisers though a test and have a "meeting" with my enemies. The letter I send would be one offering them land for peace, but I would really just gather them in one spot and kill them,  whether it be poison or an ambush.
Afterwards I would go to their kingdoms and either slaughter the heirs, or if their a child have them work as a paid servant. However, if they were a baby I would send them to another family.

Seeing as I've already have sword experience due to fencing for several years and being obsessed with sword-play since I was young,  I'd try to expand on that too. I'd work on education programs in school,  and add basic self defence in it too.

I would them work to get rid of Feudalism, and get the serfs to be freemen. The nobles would have to pay the workers, and the workers would have to pay for rent and such. I would make it legal to hunt, and change the punishment for stealing to five years of unpaid work, but your still supplied with food and such. Whenever someone was proven guilty of murder they would be sent off to live in the army or military if they confess and swear on their life to never kill another citizen in my kingdoms, including ones we will claim (But allow them to kill the armies and kings of others, of course.) If they don't, their sentence is to be decided by the family of the victim.

I would also try to make a name for myself, maybe 'Mar the Fierce', or 'Mar the Fighter'?
Assuming my lover in real life is in this little thing, I would wedd with her and make her my Queen. The church would complain no doubt, but I would ignore it seeing as I'm atheist. I would make it legal and acceptable to be gay and atheist and things like that, and if someone was ever shunned for it I would allow them to work at a manor or in one of my kingdoms castle.

After that, I would slowly expand and improve my kingdom, and would likely die in my late 70-80s due to either KIA, or of lacking medical research, which I would also have studys on to save my people (before I died).

(Also couldn't decide if I should put this on Reviews or Artwork....)
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