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★ Panda ★:
Hello! We are excited to announce another new field: Country Flags for your signatures!

This field (found in your Forum Profile settings) allows you to display a country flag of your choice, next to the pronouns field & pride flags. The use is simple: find the code for the flag you'd like in the list below, and enter that code in the field.

To keep signatures from getting cluttered, we will only be putting in one space for this. You can display the country you live in, where you were born, where your family was born...its up to you  :fox-:P: This is still a work in progress, so suggestions are welcome, and keep in mind things may change a bit! Thank you, and enjoy the new field  :lol-fox: Special thanks to MysticSolstice for the icons, as always.

- armenia
- australia
- britain
- canada
- denmark
- england
- finland
- france
- germany
- hungary
- iceland
- mexico
- netherlands
- norway
- sweden
- usa

Don't see yours on the list? Contact a staff member or post here to put in a request. Please include an image of the flag with your request so we're sure to put in the correct one.

this is a cool idea!! ouo

Cool, I like it! Thanks Mystic! (For the icons)

This is good, it gets my seal of approval as a beta tester *Thumbs up*

Aw yis
I love these
'Murica *eagle screech*


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