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The Parappa Chronicles
« on: March 09, 2017, 07:30:37 pm »
   A familiar bear shows up, jumping on top of a building and looking at the audience. There are piles and piles of sweaty steamy noodles, he finally speaks with slight relief "Hey, these guys are dummies!" he says pointing to the gang, while shaking one of the Bread Burger's soldiers like a weasel, eventually making him pass out onto the roof. Our main protagonist walks off and tripped over a chunk of the street, making a gasp when he fell face first on the hard cracked floor. His friends run towards him to help the small rapping dog up, however he suddenly points to something-Not looking harmed after tripping to his death, "Hey check it out! What are those wires sticking out??" "It goes that way" a voice says in the back, we get a glimpse of a black thick wire connecting to a purple building. Parappa speaks "Let's follow it!" he says in a powerful leading voice, indicating the others to follow him like a team. We see one of the purple Bread Burger army tanks as the camera shifts towards the urban city. "It goes into that building!" he says, the others look at him, nodding in agreement.

   Time shifts as the band runs towards a new area, where more wires connect to. A dramatic tune plays as they follow Parappa, showing intense expressions and movements. They began to move inside a dark, dim blue hallway, then up a staircase where the wires continue. The music intensifies, becoming faster when moving upwards the building. Finally, they all make way into a room-The brown wooden door suspiciously open wide. The team members gasp for air, but Parappa stayed focused on saving his city and friends, to impress his true love, Sunny Funny-Who's always getting stolen by Joe Chin.


"It just doesn't get any sweeter than this!"

   All of them shift closely, Parappa whispering, pointing his finger "That must be the boss!", a fat chubby man sits in front a large screen. He looks behind him, we see a giant black afro and these weird 90's looking hot pink glasses piling on his face and head "Hey! What are you looking?" he says annoyed. "Now wait a minute!" the mayor steps in a intimidating gait "You're the burger shop's son!". Parappa gasps, looking at the evil man, beginning to recognize him from the very beginning. "What do you think you're doing?" he says with anger, stepping frontward to face him like a man.

"Shut up!" The burger owner says, jumping up and down on the seat "I hate burgers and I'll tell you why"

To be continued...
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